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Great question & one that just pisses me off.

We elected them, sent them to DC & stopped paying attention.

Hopefully things are different now & it's about to change. No more business as usual.

We need to fight for Term Limits and stay awake.

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The simple answer is that we let them. We're all busy "trusting the plan", being "prayer warriors", waiting on the "rapture", . . . Fighting evil is always someone else's job.

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Well how do we make it our job? How do we pick a champion? How do we get him the resources he needs to fight back? PS. Inb4 faggot shill. Ill do it. But it wont be a white gloves op like trump is running

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We elected them

There's your first mistake. Most of them got in thru election fraud.

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That and some ridiculous gerrymandering.

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Exactly correct. The assholes in Congress think they are above the law and don't need transparency. They must. I am a former staff member and the shit I witnessed would make a mobster blush. Fuck these people. We need to take back our country from these globalist lunatics. If you thought it was bad, think again. It is horrid. These fuckers believe they are untouchable.

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You should write a book.

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As an outsider, Id read it. Id like to get an insider look to what acutally goes on.

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These fuckers believe they are untouchable.

They are untouchable. Change my mind.

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I cannot change your mind, but they are fragile people. They cannot handle bad press or no praise. They live for constant back slaps. It is just their nature. Best thing for them (and everyone) would be term limits. That way all of the asshats would have to return to the real world.

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These people have addresses and families. Just sayin

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The longest confirmed kill is out to 2.19 miles. Bullets are a useful thing.

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"i am a former staff member"

maybe you should get together with Q and take them down once and for all!

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Do a petition try and get signatures so the white House has to comment on those activities

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Because we let them

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Why are taxpayers funding the secret projects (new technologies, free energy or anti-graviti) run by the Deep State and have no access to any details about this projects? Tucker Carlson has interviewed a guy last week who's seen leaked documents about these projects... why hiding it from the public who sponsors it!? This is theft!

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Because they sell the laws.

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How would you prevent it? Put cameras on each congresscritter at all times?

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Pass a law that prohibits closed door deals. Anytime a deal is made it should be open to the public. The gov works for us! At least that's how it's supposed to be.

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Who do you think makes the laws?

Congress is not going to pass laws that restrict their own power, and there is no mechanism for passing laws by popular initiative at the Federal level. Hence the law you want to see enacted would need to be voted into existence by the very same people it would hurt.

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Because if we knew what they were up to,jews would be hanging from every branch and street lamp.

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