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Mexicans didn't genocide the Aztecs.

The Spanish banged the Aztecs and turn then into Mexicans.

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That's even worse! Would you want your offspring to be wetbacks?

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Yeah and in turn, enriching them. That's what actual enrichment is. Giving white genes to a savage population. And they're still shitty. Not really shitty but comparitively shitty. These NWO fuckers today think that they can improve the west with enrichment? Maybe with alien Chads!

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The Inca lived in what it is today Peru / Ecuador / Chile and were not tribal . The Spanish killed most of the Aztecs/Mayans though germs and viruses , you can not blame someone for transmitting death through speaking or walking next to those with no immunities .

Afro-Americans should ask reparations from Kongo , Mali , Morocco & Oman for selling their ancestors .

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They should get reparations from Jews who actually owned and traded in slaves.

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When will blacks pay reparations for the Berbery Pirates enslavement and sale of millions of whites?

When will islam pay reparations for the enslavement and trade of millions of whites?

When will the jews pay reparations for the enslavement, trade, and abuse of millions of whites?

Questions not asked often enough......

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implying Mexicans were Native South Americans and we're not created by the Spanish coming and fucking all the Aztec people like the blacks are doing to Europe right now

History repeats itself goyim

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Ur retarded lmao

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When will the English stop taking credit for conquering the America's?