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Everything's relative. People never make enough to get what they want and use that to justify their rational they're in the 99% and exempt from sacrificing for others because they're suffering enough. Tell them that 1% is of the world and not just US or working people and they'll dismiss you believing they can write their own definitions.

If school was adamant to tell you that writing your own definitions is the definition of delusional and thinking you know is not the same thing as knowing, society would be drastically different. I always took this as the difference between American education and countries where the populous seem to have a larger lexicon to dictionary ratio. Like Americans are taught how to learn and given tons of opportunities on their land and everyone else is taught how to think for themselves and lives are laid back lifestyle.

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Leftists have been redefining words on the regular, for the last 2 decades. And they literally think what they FEEL is real. That is post-modernism 101.

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Feed 1 starving African and they will make 10 more starving Africans.

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Great post.

Regardless of race, your chances of living in poverty in America are almost non-existent if you just work, get married before you have kids and stay married.

That's easier said than done in this society. Maybe 50 years ago this would've been a piece of cake.

I'd also say to people who blame the 1%: If you make more than 34k a year you are part of the world's top 1% richest people.

Obviously what people make in other countries is too irrelevant to take into account. Think of the millions of niggers who haven't transcended beyond the Stone Age and probably don't use money in their daily lives. By our measures these guys earn $0.

Regardless: Most people who think taxing the 1% will fix everything have no idea how the economy works, and probably those who blame the 1% in general don't know what they're saying anyway.

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In terms of wealth, to be in the top 1% in the world you'd need a net worth of nearly $800,000.

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20% of American children live beneath the poverty line. Why the fuck are we doing humanitarian work for niggers in Africa?

The problem is that whites are afraid of being called "racist" and then let it affect every fucking thing we do, even if it means white children suffer. And it pisses me off beyond belief.

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I've known some piss-poor people who still feel the need to do this stuff. Living off of less than $100 a month (after rent), and still donating a bit to nigger charities, still buying fair trade only, still giving away their shit to others, eating no meat because of the environment, never using heating in their home for the same reason, meticulously separating their garbage, etc. Obviously these were all White people.

Yet, doing voluntary work that helps our own people wouldn't even occur to them.

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it pisses me off beyond belief.

Proof of intelligence.

Why the fuck are we doing humanitarian work in Africa?

Are we really doing humanitarian work in Africa? To me, it seems logical to assume that foreign aid goes to the cabal. Sure, a small slice might go to something that calms the natives, making it easier for some conglomerate to infiltrate or dominate the market for widgets or fighter jets. But humanitarian money only helps the average citizen indirectly and accidentally. The bulk of foreign aid ends up in the Swiss bank accounts of the appropriate foreign dictator, the American politicians who rammed the legislation through, and other representatives of the cabal. Do I have a source for my claim? No. I dont need one. I have a brain that works.

Why else would people like Pelosi, poster child for ENTITLEMENT, become so adamant about the $38 billion for Israel or dig in her heels about any foreign aid for any country? Every vote is a vote for a pay raise.

I dont know the mechanics of how the kickbacks work and it doesn't matter. I do know that foreign aid doesn't go to helping "the people." I dont have to prove this idea by showing some auditt. I think it's obvious to anyone with an IQ over 90.

How many billions did Arafat have in a Swiss bank when he died? (I wonder if that article is still online or if it's been wiped, like with a cloth.)

If a politician or high-level government employee is pushing for something that sounds insane to normal people, we have to assume the moolah is going directly or indirectly to someone who controls the Bilderbergers. And minions get to have a cut and get to avoid the red scarf.

Stop thinking with the Common Core side of your brain, frenz.

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I've heard it poignantly summarised as "pathological altruism", and find it very fitting. We're too damned nice for our own good.

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I wonder to what extent White guilt plays a role. After years of teachers indoctrinating one with bullshit about how the White man raped all the places he conquered, it is hard not to feel as though one is part of a large evil. The altruism might be an attempt to compensate.

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if one has his own mind, it is very easy not to feel any guilt whatsoever and I know i am not part of any larger evil.

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I have a thought. Stop funding education through government. If you want government to offer free education, it should be administered and funded on the most local level possible. I was lucky enough to have gone to public school in an era where teachers encouraged free thinking. They fucking taught us to think for ourselves, even when it went against the mainstream narrative, as long as we could back it up with a logical argument. I think we had to include both sides of the argument. Most of my teachers in high school were male. They appeared to be straight and married.

I went back to college in my 50s and college was a joke. The engineering, accounting, medicine programs may still be rigorous to weed out incompetents, but I wonder how many of those degrees have been compromised as well. STEM programs have probably been taken to Common Core level. If not, the departments must have adopted a grade floor of C for POC (people of chit) and illogical coeds. Oh wait, coeds can Kamala their way to passing grades, just as they've always done.

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That begs the question, where is anyone elses compensation?

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What have the Romans ever done for us. End of story.

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You're asking the wrong questions. Ask who is gonna speak up for black people when the "whites" don't exist anymore? What other race would stand up for blacks if the jews decide to put them back into slavery or straight up genocide them out of this world?

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Has any race ever stood up for another race other than the Whites? The only other example I know is the Romans, and they perished soon after their altruism kicked in.

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blacks are humanitarians in that theyre willing to eat humans.

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Kek. Why don't they go ahead and eat each other down in Africa? Solves the overpopulation and the hunger at the same time.

I'm kidding but really I think there's truth to it. There's so many niggers now it's a matter of time before either a Rwandan genocide 2.0 occurs, or some kind of ebola 2.0 wipes them out on a grand scale. These doomsday scenarios predicting 5 billion niggers by 2100 are bound to fail.

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Not at all. Would empathy and generosity be an evolving trait? I came to believe so. Now, it is great, but it is double edge, because if you help your enemy to prosper you destroy yourself. Some have said ¨Do all the good you want in Africa, no matter what, they will never be grateful, never!¨. Lately I read about an African man telling a Westerner that the notion of charity is unknown in Africa. Yet you have some misled Christian saying ¨Let them in, let them in¨ to the 3rd world savages! At the detriment of their own progeny! Perverted Christianity goes in a par with socialism and the NWO (now defunct).

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Anyone saying "Let them in" is getting a cut.


OK, I should acknowledge the possibility that some of the retards saying "Let them in" could have an IQ rivaling Patty Murray and could be too stupid to realize that everyone else is getting a slice.

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Yes, some are frankly retards, other, it is misplaced charity at the expense of your own people and family, and others take their cut of the trafficks, like the mafia they are!

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i am glad you make the distinction of "perverted Christianity." God does not want one to destroy his own house.

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Thank you BorderlonLoop! :-)

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Christianity as it’s practiced in every denomination is just slave morality. I also think that’s a perversion of what it’s supposed to be, but then again, what I think it’s supposed to be would be considered a heresy in just about every church in the country.

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i went to do humanitarian work in haiti and this is what i learned:

  • if you're white most see you as a god. they fear, respect or hate you. it mainly is because you're way smarter. its not fair, it doesnt sound nice, but its how it is.

  • most don't want to improve their condition at all, yet are happy to have you make their life better. its just that they won't help. think about having a pet and providing for them. if you dont their life will be worse. same there. yup it sounds "racist". life is not a fairy tale.

  • humanitarian orgs are all scams. every one of them. ex, the Clinton foundation. they used donations to build textile facilities and haitians provide the low iq cheap labor. they go in and make tshirts, go home in their rags. yep they wont get these tshirts, its all for export and they cant afford one anyway.

this is true modern day slavery btw. the government there, if it can be called that gets money to shut up and when they dont they're killed. not suicided mind you. just killed. no need to hide anything there.

anyway, thats a short summary of my experience there. decided i barely made a difference and left

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Here's an answer with some words I recently learned: telescopic philanthropy

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