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If you don't believe in God how do you believe you've sinned? And even if you're using the word generically why do you care? If there is no God there is no punishment and nothing to do. Your question is senseless.

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By not believing maybe. Not speaking out , dereliction of parental duty. There's a couple

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You go to hell, dummy.

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What kind of sin?

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So many.

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pray. the alpha omega listens

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What'd you do?

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Went along with a crowd.

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Get your dick cut off?

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Read the Gospels.

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Reconcile intuition and logic (right brain/left brain). Your intuition tells you something is a sin, but do you understand why? Figure out logically what makes it a sin. Why is it bad for your body or your soul or both? If you don't know enough about the body or soul, do research and keep searching until you find the truth. Once you have the answer your feelings will be justified.

If you want to act on your feelings, whether you've explained them logically or not, just do it - repent. 'Repent' means to turn around and go the other way. It doesn't matter where you are, it matters where you're going. Leave your sin in the past. The past is an illusion, only the present moment is real. Be good and pure in the present moment, and you will feel better.

you don't believe or know what God is

Which is it? You don't believe or you don't know? Admitting you don't know is the first step towards finding out. This is why humility is so important.

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Usually drugs. Drugs always forgive.

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