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~4 weeks.

Savings per year = number of non-essential employees * average salary

= 800,000 * 80,000

= $64,000,000,000 per year

/ 52 weeks

= $1,230,000,000 per week

x 4 weeks

= ~$5,000,000,000

Average salary:

$80K from https://www.fedsmith.com/2018/02/24/average-federal-employee-salary-states-compare/

Honestly this seems a bit high.

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It seems higher than it should be. I have little doubt it's accurate.

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Can't lay them off. They're members of AFSCME which negotiates their contracts. It's nearly impossible to can an incompetent govt employee.

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If they're non-essential why are they working in government at all?

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essential employees are all employees that if the didn't come to work our country would collapse with like a week-month, possibly less, such as air traffic controller, garbage man or transportation such as trains. Nonessential are employees are the administrative portion of our government or staff that is in charge of maintaining a working government, such as the department of defense. They are still required to run the country but the country wouldn't immediately collapse if they didn't do thier job, more like 3 months to a year. It would've been things like the military but they passed a bill that allowed them to get paid during a shut down.

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How many 'non-essential' folks find long term employment in the 'Capitalist' system? 'Non-essentials' burrow into gov't 'cuz a competitive environment realizes their contribiution to the bottom line is negative.

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Because people need jobs. Humanity is nonessential .. Its all a charade

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All true.

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Probably just cancelling one bullshit "study" like how much cocaine a gerbil can do before exploding or some shit.

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Assuming 25% of that money is recouped in taxes firing people for money would be counter productive. Fired people get unemployment & a class action suite. Would create a net loss, the money reaped in taxes is more than enough to pay for the wall, even if it takes four times as long to collect it. A major project doesn't need to be paid in full if the moneys coming in the money will all be there by the time the project is completed, also banks can weezle thier way into the mix creating loans for the project, the banks profit which in turn allows the banks to buy more money from the fed, which creates even more money, like magic, America fuck yeah

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The funny thing is they need a bit more than $5 billion to build the wall.

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If I were Trump, I would pull ALL of our military out on the middle east. Bring them home and have them build the wall. Shoot any stragglers trying to cross while building. Shoot any libtard protestors and any reporters from the fake news..or at lest round them up and send them to Gitmo. And make sure they are culturally enriched while in Gitmo.

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Couple days I imagine

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All they have to do is legalize them regulate pot and we can build three border walls in two months.