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Embed your self further. When the time calls to pull the rug out, you won't be asking Voat. You'll know.

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Besides, a simple speech is too small a thing to start open warfare over. I'd honestly help out on this one favor. It may even increase her respect for your differences, but best not to bank on it.

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Wait for the right hill.

Free Buffalo

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Well said.

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Cheers dude, that makes sense as well. We should never play our cards until the right time. You are probably right it being a small thing and it might help me keep my 'enemies closer.' And who knows, maybe I can convert her...

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Very simple. Never break your integrity for political motivations. If you're going to help her, be honest and ernest in it. if not tell her up front that you are not the right choice of a person to help her. Why compromise yourself or sell yourself out for such a petty return.

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Don't be a shit-heel. There are times to fight dirty. There are times to use an enemies own weapons and tactics against them. Then there are times to show your integrity and that yours is the high road.

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Okay, cool man. I appreciate that.

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If as you claim, you are a christian Trump supporter you will act in a honest and ethical fashion.

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That is the dilemma, wouldn't the right thing be to refuse to help someone with their attempt to sell an argument that I find problematic/reprehensible?

Also, Jesus slayed the spawn of satan/children of the lie/synagogue of satan. Paul the apostle kicked out people from the church who were practicing evil.

Sometimes isn't it necessary to destroy rather than build?

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Have you seen the speech? I mean, is it filled w things you oppose or is it just 'thank you, I'll fulfill my role by doing these things...' ?

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What does her ass look like? Asking for a friend

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My friend told me not to tell. Maybe your friend should just ask my friend.

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My friend asked me to exclaim Tits or GTFO

Your friend sounds like she isn’t cut out for leadership at this level since she confides in a sneaky weasel like you — what would she say about your integrity should you show her this post in its entirety. Nothing nice I’m sure

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I should also clarify something I said in the text box above, I didn't engage in deception, i just allowed her to make her own conclusions about me without correcting her. Except when I felt the need to be direct about something. I suppose I don't consider that to be deception. I will leave original post as is.