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Youtube recommendations are not random and they are not only an algorithm. They're paid for publicity, and Dr. Peterson is a recipient of that publicity.

My best guess is that a former student of his went to work at Google and was familiar with his studies on anti-fascism and tried to promote him as a meat puppet of some larger sponsor.

You think about it. If you're google, how do you do research...you dont google it. He schlocked together a book out of first-draft ideas he couldn't make into a cohesive work (which is why its numbered) to capitalize on the publicity google was giving him.

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Yeah, He isn't really that profound, It's just that he was one of the few that opened their mouths against the oncoming tide of "Progessivism" before it was cool, and then turned out to be a raging progressive himself. He is married to a Jewess afterall so it figures he knows a thing or two about deception and diversion tactics.

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Who... on what...?

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Jordan Peterson. On Youtube. Someone at Youtube is Promoting a bunch of misguiding false "Intellectuals." Social Engineering we'll call it.

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listens to false intellectuals

is a typical red neck NPC meme

doesn't understand that he is being constantly tracked for ad placement because he is a NPC

And you cucks say whites are the master race.

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I dont understand a goddamn word of what you just said.