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You were just judged by your skin color alone.

That's racism in a nutshell.

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Nothing you can say will change the mind of anyone who would actually attend such an event.

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Doesn't matter. It's correct.

Perhaps there's at least one person in the group who doesn't agree with the group and is too scared to speak up. Maybe you'll give them the courage.

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People who go to this event already have in their mind the "racism" brainwashing that's been spat out in universities for the past 20 plus years.

Does Racism exist? Sure. Is it really a problem? No.

The world is big enough, technology advanced enough, the common person smart enough (even on the low IQ end) to forge a good life for themselves, pretty much anywhere that isn't communist. (Hell even if you're in a majority Muslim area, just pretend you are muslim if you don't want to move. . .of course I'm not saying that the islamification of non-islam areas is good, I'm just saying if you happen to be born in say, IRAN or something, you can still pull yourself out of poverty if you really want to)

Basically what I'm saying to OP is: You ALREADY KNOW what your getting into when meeting up with people like this. (Same reason why I AVOIDED "Black Student Union" groups in College)

You need to stop wasting your time with this and work on acquiring the skills you need to start succeeding in life. Make yourself "anti-fragile" basically Skilled enough to succeed in your life WHILE acquiring enough resources to be able to get you and your family out a a non-cucked place if the place you happened to be in decides to go full GULAG Archipelago commie.

Basically, You're wasting your time going to these things. It's enough to just be aware of the trends and take steps to protect yourself and your family.

How do you destroy the method of thought control?

1)Realize that no one can REALLY control you if you've got your shit together

2)Focus on getting your shit together while be AWARE of what's going on.

3)AWARE doesn't mean deliberately going into lion's dens and expecting the lions to rub against your legs and purr

4)Stop wasting your time. Instead of going into a place you already deep down knew was bad news, go get a massage or something, and relax and recharge for tomorrow, where you will be doing more work on getting your shit together.

5)Understand that Thought control only works on PEOPLE THAT WANT TO BE THOUGHT CONTROLLED. If you're on voat, by default, you probably aren't one of those people. This goes even to the shills that are paid to be here. They are getting exposed to certain truths here too, that will seep in and germinate like a seed. Which is why it's better to ignore shills and not really ban them(this has been a new realization for me too) Look into the abyss long enough. . . Basically, what you look at long enough influences you. think about this for a minute(a few days) it's really important and I don't have the time to write a book explaining why and how you can(and should) apply this concept in your life.

Basically, get your act together, stay alert, and look for opportunities to learn. You'll be fine. The Zombies you met though. . .that's a different story, but then again you don't have to associate with them.

P.S. There are a LOT of people who don't give a shit about your skin color, all over the world. They are just silent . . .because they don't give a shit.

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Watch this. Basically, with arguments like this, you are fighting them on their own turf. The correct thing to do is to shun the concept of "racism" entirely.

When you have a grenade fight with your enemy in your own house, even when you win, you lose. To put it another way, if you decide to fight a battle on your enemy's terms you've already lost, even before the fight starts. This is what you're doing when you accept the concept of racism as legitimate.

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Then they just come back with the usual "Racism = Prejudice + Power, and whites have all the power, so you CAN'T be racist against them" bullshit, and continue their smug hypocrisy.

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Then mention how jews make up 2% of the population and hold a disproportionate amount of power and finances. So it's (by their definition) impossible to be racist against jews.

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If whites have power, non whites have to do what we say. An easy test when they trot out that argument is to tell them to make you a sandwich. If they refuse, you have no power over them and their argument is invalid.

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I actually love it when they say this.

without fail the people saying this to me are other white people. I then instantly challenge them to liquidate all their assets, transfer ownership of their home and give all their possessions to non-whites immediately. I tell them that if they don't they are perpetuating systemic systems of structural institutions, and are basically white supremacists.

you'd be amazed at how quickly those cunts shut up because of course they aren't willing to do anything other than mouth off about racism to appear to be a 'good' person.

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Then you mention that South Africa has had a Commie government for 24 years now, and they are prejudiced against white people, and that it has been institutionalized down there. Oh, let me guess, control of the courts, government and media isn't real power...

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Hijacking top for help.

I too am attending a discussion of social justice this week. They are allowing us to submit 160 character questions that will be answered by a panel. Any ideas for good questions that will get passed the filter?

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What does the world that no longer requires social justice look like?

Then listen to the bigotry, racism, and pure evil drivel from their gleefully gnashing mouths.

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Women make $0.77 for every dollar men make. This has caused companies to hire females over males to cut costs. What's this company doing to hire and retain men?

Some companies hire gays and lesbians to increase diversity. My sexuality is NOBODY'S business. What's this company doing to ensure that my sexuality never affects my pay or promotions?

My skin color has no affect on my ability to do my job. What is this company doing to ensure that my pay and promotions aren't denied because of my skin color?

There's a derogatory and racially specific N-word used against blacks. There's also a derogatory and racially specific N-word used against whites (Nazi). What are the punishments in this company for using either derogatory N-word?

If this company hires or promotes people based on race, sexuality, etc, (which is illegal) what steps do I take to report this to the authorities?

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Why are you attending this?

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What's the difference between social justice and regular justice?

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You are racist if you are white. You are racist if you are black. You are racist if you are brown or some other color. We all discriminate. We all favor people who look similar to us. We all favor people who think and act like us.

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Why does every other group show in-group bias but whites don't?

Whites are the only non-racist group - to our detriment.

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In Asia they have a saying that translates to "Don't be so blue eyed" which means, basically, "don't be so naive" because they notice how white people will fuck themselves over trying to be virtuous and such.

Like that Danish woman who bought the crap about "not all muslims" and got her head cut off. A perfect case of being "too blue eyed"

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Asiatics may be bugmen, largely, but DAMN IT if they aren't right about some things.

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That's not an asian saying, but a European one, afaik. It's very widespread.

Also it doesn't refer to blue eyes in general, but if refers to babies who are all born with blue eyes.

Being blue-eyed means being like a baby.

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Like that Danish woman who bought the crap about "not all muslims" and got her head cut off.

Danish womEN, plural. That makes what you said ring even more true.

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Decades of brainwashing by the media and the government in conjunction with the school system.

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that is the truth. Whites are entirely evolved beyond the third worlders and brownies that keep poisoning our lands with their low I.Q's, pedophilia and criminal mindsets. When the white man attempts to protect his culture, society, home and or self he is decried as "racist".

Being superior to other races and ethnicities, the white man then gives way out of concern and sympathy, he gives comfort and support to those lower than him/her.

Unfortunately, whitey gives an inch and the brownie infidel takes a mile

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Basically the left is fully attacking white people in whatever way they can while trying not to admit to it directly.

"We need to stop whiteness." Whatever "whiteness" is, it is obviously something that comes out of white people. So they're actually saying, "We need to stop white people." The left supports niggers, Mexicans, Muslims, and faggots. What do those people have in common? How do they treat each other? You see, the only thing that really unites all the leftist policies is if they are harmful to white people. It's the only thing that ties it all together.

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they vote democrat that's what they have in common. they receive the majority of governement welfare and any and all other benefits reserved for the more deserving brownskins. The left wants as many brownies as they can get so they can stay in power and remain super-rich. The ultra-wealthy whites in power throw the white middle and working class under the bus. We (whites) pay the price, the brownies destroy white European cultures.

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By being black, am I inherently criminal? By being yellow, am I inherently high IQ? By being red, am I inherently drunk? "Whites are inherently racist" is a racist stereotype.

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Based black man?

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Yes it’s racist, but is it true?

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Not necessarily. There are some dumbass Asians, and I go to church with a black family that if they are "inherently criminal" then they are fighting the impulse admirably.

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Stereotypes exist for a reason though. Exceptions to the rules exist for sure but it's been proven countless times that there's a regression to the mean afterwards.

Now in the case of whites being inherently racist as a stereotype I believe it's true. Why? Reality dictates that we observe the world objectively and everywhere we look whites are the creators of civilization. More than that we've tried to bring civilized life to the rest of the world, been called racist colonists because of it and are now trying reverse colonialism via multiculturalism. We inherently know we are better than them. We know that they're savages by comparison and no matter how much empathy we show them it always falls back on those race based facts. To deny as much is to deny reality itself and only a crazy person would do so.

We absolutely must embrace this inner truth and then say fuck it, we've tried everything we can and we're sick of being the bad guys. We should realistically then genocide every other race but if that isn't up to everyone's tastes, and with our empathetic nature that's bound to happen, we should just cut all contact and trade with the lesser races. We should declare our actions racist and then leave them be while our societies flourish without the burden of elevating the 3rd world to our impossible standards. Even that would be seen as racist though so it's not like we can win anyway so the only hand to play at that point is to not play at all. Let them suffer without our racist intentions of treating them as human. It's what they want and realistically what we should want too.

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Yes, you were born guilty.

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original sin

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Sins of the father. Isn't that illegal, to try someone for a crime their ancestors, not they, committed??? Uh yeah, pretty sure it is.

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Ask them if they are being racist and if it's immoral. Then ask them to explain the reasons they believe that. Also ask if there is any one group that hasn't done the same; and do they believe in the golden rule? Should you judge them as they judge you. Note most of these people are idiots repeating points from some highly verbal people. Ask them why, and point out any insufficient explanation. Those who are just a bit stupid and mislead may break the npc programming.

To often they'll say if you’re X then Y. Then you respond and they reply with some kind of nursery rhyme mantra-chant in made up vocabulary.

Ask how so - and why anyone should believe it - that it's not credible and most will be skeptical. When they try to explain they'll realize they have no idea what they are talking about.

At that point call them what they are ... racist and a vocal contributor to all they claim is immoral.

Keep the cognitive dissonance unresolved and ask them to explain justify it.

In Stupidics.... You talk the talk but don't walk the walk

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At a certain point, a dog cannot be trained to operate a microwave oven.

Instead of trying to comprehend the utter hateful stupidity they exhibited, go have a BBQ. You'll never be able to help them make their own Hot Pockets.

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Racism is a fake word invented by jews to bash whites. Anything pro-white is racist. Thats it. Niggers arent racist, chinks arent racist. But white babies, white society, whites in general are racist as fuck.

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The funny thing is that if we had an objective measure of racism/tribalism, niggers would be off the fucking charts with that shit. Most niggers can't even like something if it's not "black."

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And at the same time, nobody will ever hate niggers a fraction as much as other niggers do.

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