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As Muhhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) did, after squatting to pee, and possibly then taking a shit too... as all good muslim men squat to pee... no need to use evil western toilet paper!

Just use LEFT HAND to scrap your paki/muzzie anus clean ! Just like muhammad says to. Use your left hand fingernails to pick at your anus.

Left hand is the best way to keep your muzzie ass clean.

(I wish I was kidding about muslims voiding habits above) :




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Johnson's Baby (Talcum) Powder and similar. That crap is hazardous to breathe at best and can contain silica or asbestos dust at it's worst! Get all Baby Powder Product out of the house, toss into the trash in a sealed supermarket grocery bag and wipe-down where it sat in the bathroom cabinet or closet with a wet paper towel.

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Antiperspirants. A long time ago, I was without a job and got to a point where I had to decide whether I should eat or not have body odors. I spent two weeks being absolutely disgusted with myself, cleaning five times a day to try to remove the odors and then, it was actually gone.

What I came to realize is that antiperspirants make it really hard to clean the skin and remove the sweat, causing more odors which you mask putting more of the stuff and so on. Soap and water works fine if you have nothing on your skin that prevents their cleaning action.

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Your skin knows when it requires hydration, and under normal circumstances, it will produce sebum as needed. Unfortunately, chronic use of moisturizing products disrupts this process. When the skin senses that it is already being moisturized, it will simply stop performing its job of making and secreting sebum. In between applications of your moisturizer, or if you stop using it, the skin lacks critical protection and is extremely vulnerably to drying out. This often leads people to believe that they just have chronically dry skin and that they have no choice but to rely on skin products to remedy the issue. Many experts call this phenomenon “lotion dependency”.

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Damn! Good find!

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I tracked this from looking into how much BS lip balm is. Apparently somewhere out there is a board full of motion touretts syndrome people that will go through a stick of the stuff in a day.

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The vagina is like a self cleaning oven. Douches are a complete waste!

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Copper & zinc also witnessed high demand on account of rising consumer preference for unique gold-bronze color effects, especially in cosmetics. The copper segment is anticipated to emerge as the fastest growing product at a CAGR of 5.7% over the forecast period.

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Definetly agree with the shampoo thing. Shampooing once a week is good enough.

Been using pure castille soap. Really amazing stuff, works as shampoo, face wash, soap.

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Most of soaps and shampoos are way too strong,good luck finding a milder one .Most of men's fragrances I ever asked others about are either dissipating fast or are in such concentration they are useless.

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