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I am against what our military is doing, have been against all recent wars, BUT I support our troops for believing they are Patriots that fight for our country. That is honorable. It breaks my heart that they fight and die for corporate-Jew agenda. Cut the military in half (countless fluff jobs and I know many personally who admit this), and bring them home to protect OUR FUCKING COUNTRY, then I'll be happy. Money saved, defense remains in place, and less Americans die for others' interests.

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what is less honorable than wanting to fight for the country but really aiding the enemy? joining enemy ranks is not fighting for the country, if they were honorable they would build a new military back home, in spite of the enemy goverment threats.

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When the MIC realizes that we’ll have to buy more bullets and bombs than we ever used in the GWOT for the war against wahhabists & zionists, everything should straighten itself out.

Gotta feed the pig and the pig will like you

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Bc it's noos to you don't make it noos to us. We know about AWS-CIA, most goats have chans in other tabs. And some been woke since Sinclair 1000, maybe even before your parents were born...

My answer: Given your drooling drivel, I think you're a millennial educated beyond his intelligence.

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Overthrow the gobernment that we have in place. The system as it is does not work. The government workers, the bureaucracy that is has stagnated long enough. Let the service industry, all the way to Congress fail. Then build upon the mistakea