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They’re packed with salts and preservatives as a part of the processing, and then the materials the packaging is made from which is in direct contact with food or canning medium leech into the food. There’s other reasons, too.

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this and lowest quality of meat, plus fillers...

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The stuff they use at Taco Bell and Burger King is 80% Soy Filler, 17% meat processing filler the rest with artificial flavor and color. You might as well be eating Alpo or Mighty Dog. (CONSIDER THIS: Friskies canned cat food has MORE REAL MEAT in it than does a Taco Bell Beef Burrito or a Burger King Cheeseburger - I am dead serious)

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lowest quality meat full of fat, plus chicken/turkey skin makes it a cholesterol bomb

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If you grind your own meat you know what's in it. It probably won't have ground up dog, cat, human, rat. Oh, and sodium nitrites, nitrates, and God knows what else they slip in under spices. Try a local butcher for decent sausage. If you have a German butcher - schmeckt gut.

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Kann konfirmieren. The two things I miss whenever I go abroad are German sausages and German breads, and those two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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ya the packaging is overlooked. Can liners, wrappers, containers. Even receipts have synthetic estrogens.

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If you worry about hormones, you shouldn't touch any mass-produced meat at all. That stuff is jacked with hormones, antibiotics and every other chemical known to man that helps to fatten up animals quickly and get them ready for slaughter in a tightly packed environment perfect for spreading diseases fast.

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Thats actually one of the worst parts of eating fast foods - besides the lowered quality in order to obtain quantity, the wrappings are typically LOADED with chemicals considered GRAS but that will accumulate an kill you slowly.

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They’re packed with salts and preservatives

So is a lot of cured meat that isn't otherwise processed.

then the materials the packaging is made from

Same for cured meat.

Come on, man. It's the fuckin' meat glue

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That article is so full of shit science it's not even funny. As one of the commenters said:

But with all due respect I find it to be somewhat irresponsible to draft an article that is decidedly against a product but offers precious little in the way of support. This article plays the guilt by association card in several places (USDA says it's safe but they also approve pesticides. dramatic music). It attempts to surround it with an aura of danger by suggesting repeatedly that 'the jury is still out' as a justification for worry.

I'm a full-throated supporter of organic foods. I have my own garden, though admittedly I'm not the best gardener on the planet. I've been vegetarian for several years now and have always followed the general guideline of buying food with the fewest ingredients possible. But I'm also an advocate of good science, and this article is a poor example of that. Advocating caution is one thing, but coming out fully against a product without really giving a reason why isn't particularly solid evidence either. And frankly the food protests without any supporting evidence are exactly why whole food advocates aren't often taken seriously.

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That was absolute nonsense. MSG is a neurotoxin now. If you believe that you'll believe anything.

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Mostly nitrates and nitrites.

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Nitrates are what make it delicious.

On a more serious note, go to your ag fair and buy someone's show pig from on of the 4H kids. It's the tears that make them so delicious, 'cause it is often the same farm that will butcher and process it for you.

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Nitrates are what make it delicious.

I thought they were to add a red color, gray hot dogs don't sell well.

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I know alot of "fair raisers". They feed them commercial feed to make them grow as fast and big as possible. Chickens, rabbits, pigs, etc.

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sounds tasty

naturally salted

ive processed quail myself

i even did one with my bear hands

made me feel like a dragon lol

scissors are far more efficient however

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Bad for your liver and cause headaches.

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"processed meats" is bad for you in the same way a "pizza" is bad for you. A true, home made pizza with good ingredients is wildly healthy for you. It's the bullshit they add during the "processing" part.

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Everything in comments.

Plus, preservatives. How long does that steak in cold case last? How long does that pack of filled, nitrited, anus dogs last? What do preservatives do? They kill bacteria. What lives in your guts that helps you live? Gut bacteria. Every time you drink preserved soda, eat preserved foods, glyphosate packed foods, you put down pressure on your gut flora.

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Salt is a preservative. How long does salted pork or fish last? Preservatives don't kill bacteria, they prevent it from growing in the first place. Does salt kill your gut bacteria? Maybe some of them. Do they repopulate? You betcha.

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First off, salted cod/fish was proven to cause cancer. It's popularity hence faded from its hey days. Second, I didn't say pickles and such cause cancer and salt is an obvious necessary dietary element. Read the labels: PRESERVATIVE, and you know what that is. Dried meat and fruits and nuts are "preserved", there is no PRESERVATIVE. And smoked meats also cause cancer, btw.

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Never thought of it that way,good info.

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Sodium Nitrates oxidize when consumed into nitrites which supposedly contribute to increased colon cancer risks.

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Especially sausages are the absolute bottom tier of meats where everything gets put in that couldn't be sold otherwise. The spicier and saltier they are, the more likely is it that his has been done to cover up the taste and quality.

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Additives and preserves. If it just ground up meat or even cured, it's fine. Read the ingredients, you'll get the idea.

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I inspect meat for a state agency. As others have mentioned, it is mostly about what goes into the meat during the processing stage. For instance...

A good sausage(breakfast, bratwurst etc) will typically have only a few ingredients. It will likely have pork, water and some seasonings. Maybe 5 or less ingredients total.

A smoked sausage will have a ton of bullshit in it. Mechanically separated chicken, textured vegetable protein (soy pellets that look like dog food), lots of organ meat(spleens) and a ton of flavorings and preservatives to cover up the taste of all that bullshit.

The easy way to figure it out is to look a th the label. Less is more in terms of quality.

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