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I was diagnosed multiple times with bipolar and depression and went on some effed medications. Nothing ever dealt with my issues more than disciplining my mind and thinking properly. Can guarantee I am not the only one that has had a defective pattern of thinking and propensity towards negativity that has led to a self inflicted mental illness. My father is also bipolar and is on disability. Can say with certainty that if he stopped latching on to thoughts born out of paranoia and fear, that he would be free from his mental prison and would be well.

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I think to a point some people can change and improve their condition through cognitive therapy which is what you are describing. Others cannot and will need to be on medication their whole lives to live a decent life. I used to be very depressed and was able to completely pull myself out of it after a long time of fighting and changing the way I viewed the world and thought about myself. People with conditions such as schizophrenia cannot do this.

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I wasnt trying to conflate everything in to being treatable via cognitive therapy. However, much more of it can be dealt with on a mental level than I think the medical community would ever admit. They want you on meds for everything because that's a big sector if profit. Schizophrenia is definitely a stronger beast to tackle than depression and probably in nearly all cases would need some sort of medication. Sadly medications almost never fix the issue. They just make it livable and tolerable.

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Did you use CBT or DBT?

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Every fuqqing family reunion and holiday dinner. What the fuq kinda question is that?

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Yea, a girl I dated briefly in high school and remained friends with into adulthood called me out of the blue one time and said she was carrying the reincarnation of our dead mutual friend in her womb. She was saying she was in a house and she could see me and all sorts of crazy shit that I didn't really understand. Turns out she was in the peak of a manic episode, and she was wondering through a field hallucinating after she crashed her car. I know this because another acquaintance of ours called shortly after asking if I knew the girl well, and if I could come get her because she'd crashed her car about a mile from their house and was wondering through a field speaking word salad and gibberish.

So after a brief stay in county and a few visits to a psychiatrist she was diagnosed as bipolar and put on meds. Sometimes she'd forget her meds or forget to take them and, predictably, she'd go off her rocker. It was pretty stressful, but I think she's doing alright now - lost touch with her after moving several states away. I went through my own, um, "mildly schizophrenic" episode for a while, where I was only brought back to reality through the help of my friends and some sort of rationale holding on inside saying "maybe you're the crazy one..."

Who says mental illness isn't real? I didn't know people actually denied it.

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Real shit like this is super rare and the vast majority of diagnoses are BS, which delegitimateizes the whole field of psychiatry.

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I see - yea in that regard the field suffers from an unrecognized or unappreciated phenomenon of mass hysteria. An example lies in the recent "rapid onset gender dysphoria" discovery where gaggles of teen girls will suddenly all "not be girls" anymore. Women, teenage girls in particular, being more social creatures and thus more prone to social influences and movements like this makes it fairly apparent what's going on, but psychiatrists and psychologists liking money as much as they do are more than happy to take on new patients by telling them they have debilitating mental illness that can only be overcome through lifelong counseling at their practice.

Anyone with a level head on their shoulders can see society at large is prone to mass hysteria and/or mob mentality, but, I mean, as the names would suggest ("mass" and "mob"), the few level-headed ones are too much of a minority to really steer the masses in the right direction or break them from their insanity. Monty Python's Life of Brian comes to mind.

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I made a post about it before and I had a lot of people saying things like it's all in your head, it's not real.

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Huh. Well I mean with all of the anti-tranny shit that is posted here all the time I'd figure most Voaters would be forced to acknowledge that mental illness exists. I mean even if someone is pretending to be mentally ill so hard that they sterilize and mutilate themselves... that's still fucked up enough to say that person isn't right in the head. Even if they're faking the gender dysphoria, they've still got some sort of mental illness that compelled them to take it that far (because a mentally healthy person wouldn't do that).

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Yes, I had a close friend who was bipolar. It was fairly obvious the underlying issue was a mismanaged thyroid condition (lack of t3 hormone has the same effects). I knew her for 25 years and put up with her bullshit for a long time before deciding to cut off contact after she let me down and fucked me around at least 4 consecutive times. It was impossible to have a normal friendship any more. I supported her and made excuses for her as long as I could. One day I realised I couldn't do it anymore. She was unwilling to make any changes to her medication, she kind of settled in to being bipolar and that became her identity. It was like she didn't want to be helped.

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Maybe, but I'm not sure.

Mainly because I've known people who did not have mental health disorders that they were for some time told they did have.

Yeah, some people definitely need help. But the mental health field is very questionable.

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Sure, some are physically fucked in the head, but most people who get diagnosed with depression are just faggot that can't deal with life.

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Thats not true. Its chemical imbalances, it's a biological issue and has nothing to do with a person's character or mental strength. At least this is true for people with legitimate depression.

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That's what I'm saying. Almost nobody that get diagnosed actually has depression, but the psychiatrist still prescribe them mind altering drugs that, at best, does nothing and at worst fucks them up even more.

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What makes you think goats think mental health issues aren't real? This place is a cauldron of whacked out mental cases, myself included, lol.

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It took several months to figure out, but my ex had borderline personality disorder, and not even just a little bit, full bore.

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What sort of things/behaviour made you realise something was wrong?

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Minezesez gots Can’t Understand Normal Thinking syndrome - no known cure.

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