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accidental or not it’s pretty funny..

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He's part of the mainstream media. The media causes civil war.

I don't give a shit what happens to mainstream media employees.

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He's part of the mainstream media.

Live by the media, die by the media.

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Was it really an accident?

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Guy probably was just a fan of Commander Rockwell and slipped up, Freudian style

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Honestly dont know. If you read his apoligy he really sounds like it was an accident but if i lost my career over a stupid joke id sound sincere as well.. i believe the guy your job is to say thousands of words a year on camera you are going to have a fuck up at some point. Martin luther ... king and coon are in the same ball park id give him the benefit of the doubt. The station could have suspended him made him do some stupid sensitivity training and let him back instead thry gave into this pc bullshit.

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I'm thinking he's thought and said Martin Luther Coon many time in his life and in this instance his wires got crossed.

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It was actually what he was probably thinking, I have those all the time.

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martin nigger cunt. if this news anchor is so white, why does he work for niggers. his career is shit because his employer is nigger. he got what he deserved. fucking nigger-lover.

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Do you have a link so we can see the facts? I mean if the guy said it on air while anchoring, I don’t really have a problem with him being fired. That is gross incompetence. He had one job and he fucked it up.

If he said during a staff meeting off air speaking extemporaneously, then yeah, he should not have been fired. He was not in the act of performing.

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It was on air and he said it was just a slip and he has zero record of any racism imiedietly appoligised called doctor king a great american etc. 2 days later they fired him. I dont think you are thinking this through. You go to college you get 150k in debt youbdedicate your life to being an anchor you put in years of grunt work. You have s good record you do nothing wrong. Then one day you legitimatly make an error that was truly an acccident and you think the mans lively hood should be tsken away from him for ssying something a little rscist! Are you black a jew or a woman or a liberal? The guy should sue the fuck out of the company.. damn i sound like a jew now.. but i digress no fucking way one word should getbsome one fired.. a warning a fine sure but fucking fired in 2 days is insanity.

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"performing" as in an actor, an entertainer. Right there is the problem with "journalism" nowadays. A pretty talking head that gets with and stays with the agenda or BOOM gone. His job was to read what was on the teleprompter, no thinking involved.

Todays word: Newsactor

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Сoincidence. I think not.

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