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Like that time one of the founders divorced the other one for being fat, the married a whore instead?

Edit: I forgot the embezzling.

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He said FAKE news

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No that was real news. lol

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Just send them all the links from the Q subs. That would be worse than a DDoS

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Haha nice.

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That would be a good idea; let's start with setting the record straight on Apartheid South Africa.

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I laughed way too loud at this.

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Hahahahaha! I had no idea about the divorce. He leaves his old, beatup wife for a younger, but even more abused ex-whore. She’s a hard 5. I can’t believe this guy did this. He’s. not a bad looking. It’s like trading in a perfectly good 1971 Dodge Dart for a 1975 Dodge Dart with engine problems.

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You gotta be a real beta to fall in love with a whore. I think she was still tricking herself out after their marriage too.

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breaking news... snopes had ribs removed, not to suck its own dick, but to suck the balls of the guy fucking it... Dr. Talib Al Sheikel-stien said wednedy, that snopes did infact have ribs removed for the kike-fag sport of auctio-teasenbagitz... snopes is recovering rapidly & dong well in P T with a buttplug & nut sack prosthetic to help facilitate this new-found freedom of movement.

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lol. (((mostly true)))

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We dont do Fake news

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Snopes is fake news. Liberal spin, nothing more.

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The owner of Snopes raped and killed a girl in 1990.

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