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Distraction technique.
And its failing horribly.

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The phrase “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.

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Bulldykes are some of the grossest people that exist. It’s like those trannies that are so fucking clearly dudes. Everytime I’m eating and I see one of either of those I lose my appetite. One time a tranny waiter touched my straw I almost threw up.

[–] lord_nougat 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

But it seems like an insult to the pig, comparing it to these disgusting things.

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Exactly this, the hope is you will notice the hair and not the grotesque body it is attached to, but to any sane person it just makes it all worse

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Agreed but it's also to "own it".

Like faggots that can't control their mind get dressed in drag like Rocky Horror so they can pretend people think they're ugly for reasons they choose and can control rather than accept that they've got issues and work on improving them.

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The beautiful ones too. I asked this girl I went out with why, and she said "don't try to change me". They're still just defiant teenagers in their minds.

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I've got pretty good style and presentation. As a result I've been asked many times by female acquaintances for fashion and style tips about their appearance. When they have ugly tattoos, really horrible hair color, and bizarre piercings, like a half dozen rings in the front of their lip, huge holes in their ears, nose rings that are used for cattle, I'll tell them to get rid of that. Always they take affront and say "It is part of my identity and can't be changed." Yeah it's part of your identity huh. Is that so. Mindless conformity to a scene isn't identity, sweetie, it's the exact opposite of having an identity.

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"Conservatism is the new counter-culture." At least Paul Joseph Watson was on point with that statement.

Something these mindless conforming drones would be wise to heed.

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"Part of my identity" - so they were born with ugly tattoos, horrible hair colour and bizarre piercings when they were given birth to, right?

Alternatively - they can't build an identity without advertising it based on physical appearance?

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Incredible! You simply asked a question and she interpreted it as a threat or demand!

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She interpreted as "you don't like me"

[–] gazillions 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

The pretty ones don't want anyone to be jealous of them. Their "educators" tell them that being attractive means being objectified. Their educators are jealous, bitter cows.

The ugly ones make themselves uglier as a fuck you to competition because they can't compete. Too bad they don't look at all the fat uglies that have pretty good marriages and good families because they just put their family first, like their husbands do.

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"don't try to change me".

Reply: I'm not, you did. I just think you should be you, not blue.

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Women crave attention, but in a society where shame doesnt exist anymore, nobody is there to tell them that some kinds of attention isnt good.

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It's even funnier when they claim to be oh-so-confident and shameless....until you point out how hideous they are. Then suddenly you're "shaming" them. They don't realize that shame comes from within, and if you feel bad when someone points out your train-wreck of a body, it's because you already know deep down that they're right.

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I didnt expect this thread to be so insightful! Voat surprises me again.

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I think you nailed it. That and wanting to feel "special" despite being a hideous monster.

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Daddy issues.....

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There's that, but also they crave attention while being unwilling to put in the effort to develop themselves into someone worthy of attention. Dying your hair and getting a piercing takes almost no effort.

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It gives them a quick and easy path to go into denial when they get called out for being ugly. "I'm not ugly! That bigot just doesn't like how nonconformist I am!"

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Warning: NSFL

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Probably my favourite sub here. If I'm ever feeling down about not being everything I could be, or not living up to my own standards, I just look in there and remind myself that humans make mistakes, and all in all mine are rather small.

[–] calfag 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago 

For the same reason incels self identify. They think that by doubling down it fools everyone into believing that they like the way they are. We're not fooled.

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They think that by doubling down it fools everyone into believing that they like the way they are

I never got the impression that Incels wanted others to believe that they choose to be that way or that they are in any way happy. If that were the case they would call themselves voluntary celibates.

They could easily do so by going radical MGTOW or by becoming a catholic priest.

[–] calfag 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Good point. I went stupid there. Cheers.

[–] DishingShitLikeA 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

The hilarity when those niggerfaggots were chased out of here was boundless!

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Can't win the competition?

Call it out (I reject your oppressive beauty standards!).
And obliquely criticize those who still participate (those bitch cunt pretty girls who get all the attention).

Look at any blog of these idiots and it's still full of them praising each other for half a pound lost here and there, or some new elastic pants that smooth out the cottage cheese. All their neurosis are based on that point in puberty when all the other girls blew out into the stratosphere in terms of sexual market value, and they were left in the dust (after a long childhood of nominally all being at the same level of privilege/value). And they couldn't handle the sudden loss of status. So they started buying into the feminist the shell game of talking about "inner qualities" being more important like intelligence, creativity and political activism. Which, deep down, they hate. Because they'd all trade it in a heartbeat to be pretty and have an easy life. This dissonance between what they project out into the world and what they feel is what makes them crazy.

Female pecking orders are brutal. Puberty is a bloodbath (no pun intended) in female status terms. If your childhood bestie grows a better pair of tits than you, she can literally dump you like so much worthless trash (even if you were the dominant personality in the relationship) and you have to eat the humiliation or risk full social exclusion.

So adopting "ugly-on-purpose" fashions and attitudes is a way of obliquely attacking the new female pecking order. You mock them as being conventional and safe and "serving the male gaze". It may work on the weaker members of the pretty girl herd (particularly if they spend too much time reading blogs and expose themselves to social media subversion/activism). But actual pretty girls don't give a shit as their social lives have gone interstellar in the meantime. So they don't have the time or care to bother retaliating against the ugly snarky fat girl who looks like an unholy fusion of skunk and clown.

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All their neurosis are based on that point in puberty when all the other girls blew out into the stratosphere in terms of sexual market value, and they were left in the dust (after a long childhood of nominally all being at the same level of privilege/value).

To be fair, not every woman who was left in the dust becomes a feminazi cunt - some just make do with what they have, and don't turn to stupidity.

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Good read. Here's a goat for you.

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Excellent explanation

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Also, it would be easy to say that is why the wealthiest get criticized, because the rest of us 'can't compete'. Just keep that in mind.

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Rebelling from femininity. If you can't have it push it away. That's their mindset. It's like women who go butch after they get into their 40's and 50's and say fuck it.

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They think they are rebelling against beauty standards but they just look retarded

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