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On the one hand you could argue that sharing the video helps to spread fear of Islam which is what the perpetrators intended to do.

On the other hand you could argue that the free dissemination of the video is necessary so that the Swedish people can understand what forces they are contending with.

In hiding and silencing the truth from their citizens the Swedish government is behaving much like an overprotective parent. Instead of allowing their children to tell one another that Islamic based evil is real they wish to silence the children who are showing this reality to the other children. In this way the "Islamic religion of peace" fairytale can still exist in the coddled minds of their softest and weakest of children.

Stop telling your siblings that Islamic Santa is not real or you will be silenced!

Of course you could always argue that the videos harm the families of the victims too much, but the real reason to stop the spread of this information is to eliminate the demand for recompense. Islam owes the Swedish people a life debt.

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If I were kidnapped and beheaded I would want my family to share the video with the world. I would want everyone to see it. I would want everyone to know. I want it on YouTube, on live streams and all over the news. I would want everyone to know what happened to me. We as human beings have a duty to watch the video, a duty to recognize her death and stare at the brutality right in its face. It's the least she deserves, for us to know her suffering. So that we can carry it for her. To relieve her burden in death. Any other way is disgrace. We must carry her pain.

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Here's the video. I think it's extraordinarily important for people to understand that evil like this actually exists, it's horrendous and it isn't something imaginary or made up by evil racist white men to create -phobia towards perfect brown people. People shouldn't be lied to about dangers in this world for the sake of being tolerant. People blame these women for being stupid, of course they are, they've never been taught the truth. They walk into a den of angry lions being told those animals are peaceful, they're just like us, go cuddle with a few of them. Then oops bad things happen sometimes, but at least they died doing what they love, here's a beautiful highlight reel of their truncated existence. The end.

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WTF? What is this, white knighting?

Why the hell should I 'carry her pain'. She made the damned decision to go to a Muslim craphole and wander around like a hamburger in front of starving wolves.

I don't need to carry her pain. I need a war to break out so I can finally start killing Jews, Muslims and leftists.

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If I were beheaded...please Carpet Bomb Morocco

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You left out the part about these dumb cunts buying into the kike's multiculturalism/diversity bullshit and weren't kidnapped but willingly traveled to that Muslim shithole. They were also looking for some shitskin cock when they willingly went to their murderers and instead got their heads lopped off. "We must carry her pain?" No, we must carry her stupidity

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the Swedish government is behaving much like an overprotective parent

HAHAHAHAHA OVERPROTECTIVE... overprotective would be "see no evil" and then the parents expel or kill all the potentially evil outsiders to create their ideal image of a bubble world, which is inevitably imperfect. But the intentions are good at heart. This is "see no evil" and then the (((psychotic foster parents))) invite evil to sleep in the same bed as their children.

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If by overprotective you mean open the doors to let the wolfs is so that they start pikcing out your children and eat them...while you pretend this is fine and call your children far right nazis.

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That understanding implies a certain level of competency which I doubt the overwhelming majority of them have.

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This. They are leading the Swedes to the slaughter and it is quite intentional.

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On the one hand you could argue that sharing the video helps to spread fear of Islam which is what the perpetrators intended to do.

Yeah, but I think it's pretty much Jews.

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also, the way this article is worded kind of reminds me of that time CNN said sharing the hillary clinton leaks was illegal.

it could just be the case that smut videos in general are technically illegal in sweden but not prosecuted and this outlet is reporting that with emphasis on this particular video, despite never actually being told by an authority that shares of this video would be prosecuted.

like, im pretty sure sharing bestiality porn in the united states is illegal, but no ones ever actually gotten in trouble for sharing it.

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like, im pretty sure sharing bestiality porn in the united states is illegal, but no ones ever actually gotten in trouble for sharing it.

Unfortunately... I'd have those degenerates hanged from a lamp post if it was up to me...

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It is not the gore, it is the politics. Swedish Parliament is 45% women. The whole country is cucked and cannot stand up to the Muslims - in fact they are lost in the process. They are frozen by their cucked laws of protecting everyone (The Law of Unintended Consequences). None of the liberals or moderates wants to work with the Swedish Democrats (which they claim are right wing nazi and want to kick out the muslims) so Sweden cannot form a government. They are stuck. Meanwhile their women and girls are raped and raped and raped and raped and raped and they do NOTHING about it. What happens historically to these political events is that the government will eventually be violently overthrown. The overthrow will come either from the Cucked+Muslims (far Left) who form the New Ghetto of the North. Or, you will get the right wing overthrow from the far right and Sweden will become New Nationalist Land. Right Now they are stuck in No Man's Land and cannot form a government. This will go on for a LONG TIME because Sweden is built to run on auto pilot. We shall see. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1038212/sweden-crisis-general-election-coalition-government-stefan-lofven-social-democrats

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Well, that was pretty depressing...

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Yes, the fact that Sweden is a matriarchy is part of the problem.

If this happened to Russian girls, Putin would get revenge. So would the Chinese. Simply take some Morrocans living in Europe, kidnap them, torture them, chop them to pieces, and mail the body parts to the embassy. Easy stuff.

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It's young White women. Have you seen it? It's fucking rage inducing.

I'm guessing there's a fair few of us, men, that are just waiting for it to kick off.

Something like this could kick it off, if it were viewed widely enough.

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The file I have saved locally is called "kill.all.sand-niggers.mp4" - just the sounds are definitely rage inducing. Oh how I would love to be the sword of justice and kill them very very slowly.

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Ironic that everyone, or almost everyone who kills others, contends that theirs is an act of justice. Ie the Japanese in their 'co-prosperity sphere' where they washed themselves in the blood of those they 'purified', or the ISIS faggots - somehow without irony- driving their Chevrolet four wheelers and American humvees holding American/European sourced weapons 'cleansing' their lands of the infadels, or the Nazis washing out undesirables in forced labor camps 'cleaning ranks', or serial killers claiming to be fixing society, or the Israelis cleaning the scourge of the palestians from the occupied territories.

Everyone has their own sick divine licence, which, I would encourage you to inspect the one you claim to be working for.

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To be honest, I have no pity for white women dumb enough to travel alone into muslim countries.

Those women should have been at home having white babies, not gallivanting all over the world.

If Muslims want to act like barbarians in their own countries, fine. If they want to torture women, fine. Not my business.

The fact that they are infesting OUR countries is what fills me with anger.

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Watching a woman get murdered slowly on camera doesn't bother you?

You should get rid of your electric jew.

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What if only the high IQ ones can immigrate?

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You hit the nail on the head. I watched it and after the sickening horror I was filled with a kind of rage never experienced before and the thoughts of what I would do to any of these goat phucs made me check my own humanity

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When you overthrow the government of whatever country you happen to be in, be sure to guarantee freedom of speech in your new constitution. It doesn't work 100%, but it helps a lot more than it hurts.

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be sure to guarantee freedom of speech

If you make the effort to overthrow a goverment, why not just make any form of marxism illegal, forever?

Why should anybody give marxists a fair chance to win back the power?

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whats the agenda? yet the media shows dead baby on Turkish beach, graphic blame Assad vids or jumpers on 911

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Because they're a communist totalitarian government run by oligarchs that own the media. Rigged elections won't stop a revolution and the politicians being beheaded if people share real information.

Same thing as every western nation.

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what is the government up to? yet the media shows dead baby on Turkish beach, graphic blame Assad vids or jumpers on 911

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They sure as hell aren't on our side.

They're traitors to the bone and so is everyone that supports them

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In Sweden one hears about how they have violent muslims rape and kill someone and get 18 months in jail, a deferred sentence, or no prosecution at all.

Share with people the truth of what is happening here and you get 4 years in prison.

It's beyond insane. It has to be an evil plot by satanic forces in government to spread evil and chaos while destroying their own society. The judges here are traitors.

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It's called Jews. That's what they do. David Schwartz, the Bonniers, the Hirschels, Ashbergs, etc.

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I guess this question is off topic. But, what's to prevent people who are not in Sweden from posting the video on Swedish websites?

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Maybe a firewall. Let's find out!

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Good idea. I'm going to see what happens.

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They want to control the narrative. Really stupid though because of the Streisand Effect. Any one worth their salt will do the exact opposite of what (((they))) want. Look at Jim Stone:


Fucking hilarious how he figured out how many times a file that size could be downloaded! If I had a website I would do the same. Then again I would have to deal with the jews constantly trying to Shut It Down!

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