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Not publicly. Having shared albums with family is ok. Well should be ok, can't really trust any online albums with anything these days.

But I also think parents should be doing a better job controlling a lot more of their child's interaction with the general public.

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I agree

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The share question... I say no, when youger you chat with almost anyone, you post political opinions, you selfie at a party people may be even crazy drunk or half naked and zero fucks are given...if you feel young and maybe a little dumb you are innocent before growing up but you get older more cynical, dark pessimistic maybe or just a realist growing up you will read about many more criminals and predators and You will MEET and you will see more horrible people in the future. some women are ok and logical but most are dumb ass risk takers, its in their DNA since cave men times they would explore another field or lake and cheat and open their legs collect DNA from another tribe otherwise tribes would have inbred too much, its in their blood and could take hundreds maybe thousands of yrsmore to correct and evolve. Not all women are like this some can know loyalty but a lot of Women are moody and stupid and all about the approval and feels. You should only do stuff in private and even then its not really that private some dude in the NSA, Mi6, KGB, CIA probably got a shit ton collection of everyone's tweets, facebook posts and selfies. Everyone is watching you, every big tech corporation looks every nation spies on you and even if you think youre covered youre not, all it needs is one traitor on the inside and your data is all over turkey, taiwan, iran, bulgaria, serbia, argentina, india, pakistan....don't know of any of these countries? cant find them on a map? Dont worry they probably know 100 times more about you than you know about them.

The machine is now everywhere so far its cameras, helicopters, satellites and drones are contacting Lost Tribes in the jungle where people dont want to be contacted. Back to You the towns, the cities? ...Out in the public, its ok if you are a grown up, mature person, many and know how to deal with shit but even older people can get burned by mobs and the media. Family stuff, private stuff, here are too many weirdos, criminals, insane abusive predator family and creeps for you not to take care of you and yours. There are also just nosey curious weirdos who might not be criminal, I seen a recent vid of some young hacker probably from anonymous hacking peoples speakers, phones, computer cam, home monitors...just to let them know their system is unsafe .... one of them even hacks the feed backward and plays a Every Breath You Take by Sting / The Police though the microphone. If you want to change your sisters mind just send her current News about things like Dennis Hastert, the Roman Catholic Church, those stupid European girls who got beheaded in Morocco, human traffickers across S.America Asia and Arabia, those money making abusers in Hollyweird, it might make her uncomfortable but it will make her see the truth, the truth is simple fact and truth, it does not care for 'feels' ...women will basically be moody grown up children most of their lives looking for social approval. The fact you ask the question means you do not approve, keep telling her it is not appropriate.

Also one thing that does not lie is numbers, the stats, you were at a work place, you sister meet people at her job, maybe you known people in college, you know politicians preachers coaches, you know people from school. Maybe its 1 in 200 or 1 in 10 maybe its 1 in 100, one of these people will be a rapist, another a thief, someone else a stalker, a scammer, some body else might have even done kidnap and murder... the more people you meet the more bad ones you meet.

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I use only email and text messages.

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The super scary thing is, many people on social media don't have their accounts set to private and most don't even knew it was an option.

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No and I honestly look down on people who do.

Why are you sharing every precious moment with strangers, pervs and people you never see or talk to? Those are for you and almost everyone shares the same experiences in some form at some point in their life so it's not like anything original or groundbreaking is taking place.

Not to mention if the kid does something embarrassing that goes viral, it will be haunted knowing that time they ate shit or got an object stuck up their ass, that it had been seen by millions of people all laughing at you. Could drive a kid to suicide... Many already have offed themselves because of embarrassing online misadventures.

People are just so stupid by and large. I'm floored at how many people broadcast their child's life like they actually want them to be the star of the Truman Show. Fuck those people.

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This guy stole my thunder. Well put

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You stole my thunder too. Wife told me years ago not to post family photos on social media. She hates the idea of strangers getting photos of our kids. I do agree with not sharing everything on my family's life too with everybody.

Many parents constantly post about their kids to get approval and validation. They're so self absorbed. They want friends, family and strangers to tell them how wonderful they are as parents on social media, even though they might be really shitty parents. All you see is the outside.

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It turns the kids into generators of attention for the parent, and cheapens life and experiences. I feel somewhat the same about parents who always want to take pictures of everything, as if the experience doesn't exist unless it's recorded. Enjoy being with your kids and occasionally take a picture or two for yourselves to look at years later.

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"Many already have offed themselves because of embarrassing online misadventures" Seriously dude?! That is total bullshit and you know it

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consisting of or amounting to a large but indefinite number

It is the case.

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Definitely not.

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No. And it’s been going on for over a decade.

I was at work in 2007 and the FBI walked in to talk with my manager. After about an hour in the office they left and she was deleting her MySpace page and emailing every family member to remove all photos of her children from their pages. They found pictures of her kids on the dark web. I don’t know the exact details but from that time, just that I’ve never seen her on any social website since.

The pedos are not strangers, it’s your own family. That great uncle, 2nd aunt, cousin, brother, etc. and the people who post the pictures of their children are the suppliers.

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lets ask @hecho?

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who dis?

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me or him?

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Hasn’t he killed himself yet?

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he dead by "suicide"

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Fuck no. In fact, I've all but made my parents and in-laws hate me because I refuse to let them post pictures of my son on Facebook. Not only do I not care to fuel their narcissistic 'like-farming' with cute baby pics at the expense of my son, but I delved waaaaayyyyy too deep into the pizzagate investigation to ever let his pictures get out there.

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Let's just say that 'some' would break contact with them for being facebook users. You can't trust them at all.

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Not at all. Never put photos of your kids online.

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Depends on how old they are and what they're doing, but generally it's not any bigger of a deal than posting your own photos and videos on facebook.

I wouldn't if it were entirely up to me, but I don't use facebook either. I also wouldn't care enough to get in fights with my siblings about how they decide to raise their own children. Family is too important to let things like that poison relationships with family.

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it's not any bigger of a deal than posting your own photos and videos on facebook.

Exactly. The answer is a huge definite NO.

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