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Don't go further with the relationship if you really want children and she doesn't. End it and find someone who does want them. If she has no genuine medical reason for not being able to have children. If you pressure her and she has one for you she might hate it forever. No-one wants that for their kid.

You will live with regret for years.

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This is the best advice right here.

You’ll dodge a huge bullet.

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They want the exact opposite from one of the most important parts of a partnership. Sometimes love along is not enough. Its not easy, its not fun but its reality.

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You'll love the woman who bears your children much more.

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Yep! I've never wanted kids and my first husband lied and said he didn't either, figuring he could "change my mind." I was in a serious relationship for 10 years with someone that I had a fundamental disagreement with and didn't even know until the last year, when we divorced. It's one of those very important, fundamental things in a relationship. It's better to end it now, so you both can find more compatible people. This isn't like not liking the same foods or same movies, this is a HUGE difference in outlook.

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Tits or gtfo

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You are dumb dirty slut and a traitor to your race.

Your only purpose in life was to procreate and you selfishly chose not to.

You will die alone much later than you deserve.

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People make their own choices about their bodies and lives and its their right to do so. He was an idiot.

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You're a worthless whore.

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also dont ever live with a woman your not married to see also.cohabitation rules

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Yea thanks Muslim. Shut the fuck up with your puritan trash. I'm not marrying any girl I haven't fucked; and I'm not moving in with one I'm not sure is the right fit at home

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Leave her. People who say they don't want children rarely change their minds. She has told you loud and clear about where she stands and what life path she wants to take. You are not a match.

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Oh she'll change her mind. In 10 years or so.

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Once she exits the cock carousel most likely. Probably around 29-30.

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My wife, before we were even together, once didn't want to have children. Later after college for her and whatnot, she changed her mind and wanted to have a family. Now were married with kids.

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the exception doesn't prove the rule.

women who say they don't want children should be listened to. especially if you live in the west.

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Dude, your wife, even if she changed her mind and had children if I was in your position in life right now I would throw her ass outside on the street where she belongs.

I would never waste my time or my life on the idea that she would change her mind maybe some day in the future.

I seriously if I was you, I would file for a divorce right now and kick her the fuck out, and take the kid(s), I would not want my children to be raised in an environment where she could influence the negative decision-making of those children and their future. Children should not be raised to think wasting their time is okay. Have children when you are young and fertile, not 20% (age 20+), not 25% nor 30% late in your life cycle.

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That's good. Sometimes they do change their mind. It happens, I just wouldn't put money on it.

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They change their mind but usually too late. They keep the regret inside. Some let it out.

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This isn't exactly true in my experience. My brothers girlfriend, and a handful of women I met in college were all against the idea of having kids. They didn't want that burden while they climbed their career ladder or any fucking excuse to convince themselves they didn't want to be a mom. As soon as 28 rolled around, these women are begging to have kids.

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And they're well past their prime.

Fuck feminism.

Women belong in the house, keeping it and raising kids.


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This most likely. Get a blood test done to determine testosterone levels.

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Don't discount the birth control effect. Stops the biological clock and drastically affects mate preference.

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We should be nice to fellow voaters.

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Maybe OP doesn't have high enough melanin levels.

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rotting links

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As a woman, didn't want kids with my partner but things didn't work out. Met Mr. Right, we had a son and been married for 35 years.

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Maybe so.

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rotting links

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I've been in exactly your position. It hurts extra much, ironically because really nothing terrible has happened that could make you stop loving her. But sometimes you have to use your rational thoughts over your emotional ones.

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Great point. When I was dating my ex, I didn't want kids. Soon as we broke up. I realized I wanted kids, just not with her

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run away.

seriously. if one of her life goals is NOT to reproduce, then why the fuck would you want to marry? she might as well be a faggot.

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Inb4 a trap.

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Pretty basic. Find a new girl and make children with her. Two if you're a faggot. Three if you're normal

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Man with 1 child = fucked up and got a woman pregnant

Man with 2 children = Low T good goy

Real Aryan men have as many as they can.

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i am sorry but complete bullshit.

IF your family is poor the best way to increase the family wealth for generations is to have only one kid and have that kid marry someone else who doesn't have brothers or sisters. this will produce a child who has 4 grand parents and 2 parents funneling money to them and will be a good healthy foundation assuming you teach the kid and dont let them be spoiled.

having more kids than you can handle will only lead to kids who dont have the proper amount of father in their life, aka a father who is absent or spread too thin among his kids and ends up neglecting them due to not enough time.

also because you think more kids is better you think non whites are the uber male then with their 12 kids? there is a balance to be had and its different for each situation. the European isnt some prey animal that has to try and out number its enemy. our strength is our quality not out quantity. too much and we lose that quality.

all that being said if you are well off and can handle more kids have 20.

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Get a new woman

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There are plenty out there. None are "the only one".

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If she doesn't want children, she definitely isn't "the one." She'll just be a leach in the relationship if OP is the breadwinner and owns the home.

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Ask her if her sister wants kids

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Ha ha ha. Her sister is smokin so maybe. They were both models at one point.

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So was I, it's not an accomplishment

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Maybe going for a model is not the route to take if you want to have the kind of life you described

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You're wasting time; this is a deal breaker!

Find an attractive woman that definitely wants kids. Then, use your penis to make it happen.

Too many men have wasted their prime years on libthots. Don't make the same mistake...

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This is also a problem with "living together" before marriage. Now she has a hook into you and it's a lot harder to split up. The period before marriage should be courting to see if the two are compatible and suitable for marriage before making the commitment to live together.

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a year is way too long to waste not asking such a basic question.

I would have an interview set of questions for first dates, and that would be on it.

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naw... There are LOTS of surprises when you move in together. I was VERY glad to have lived with prior GF's as well as my wife before marriage. Its really a good way to judge her financial prowess which is sooo important.

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Talking to her father used to be where you got this information from. The kikes have done a fantastic job of nuking everything that makes a healthy family.

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Moving in together before marriage actually increases chances of divorce.

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