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Free...... time?

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Building, shooting, fucking or reading.

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So, reading.

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Must suck to be you.

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If only I could spend all my free time shooting at things. I would love to have a bunch of acreage in a free state, preferably with a sizable garage/workshop.

If I won the megamillions, I'd have a workshop every tool I could need, both for wood and metal, built on a hundred and eighty acres in the valley.

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A couple generations ago, they just called that "living their life".

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Research. Target practice.

You know. The things that matter in the short-term.

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Keeping myself from walking into traffic.

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If it's rush hour though, should be pretty safe.

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Scratching my balls and sniffing my fingers

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I have no free time. None. Deer season opens Aug 15th and is open till Jan 1st with two dove seasons and a blue wing teal duck season in between. January 1st starts open duck season and lasts till Feb 28th. Turkey season starts March 15th and lasts till April 30, Thats when I start the fishing season, it lasts till August 15th. I plant my garden during fishing season because I have some free time from offshore stuff. I also mixed this with a trip to Idaho for 10 days for Elk, a trip to Kansas, I just returned, for pheasant and a trip to Wyoming for Antelope. I have no free time, I had more when I worked. Retirement is hell.

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All time spent has an opportunity cost. Nothing is free.

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After my last trip to Ukraine I became a real fan of different types of massages. I attended local angelina-mass parlor and tried sensual massage for the first time. It was just incredible. Best way to get rid of stress. Now when I have free time I go to the local massage parlor just to relax.

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