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From looking into their history mentioned in the Torah, Talmud, Old & New Testaments, etc., I am failing to dig deep enough to a time when jews were not conquerors, either directly as genocide by the sword, or as infiltrators slowing destroying from within.

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Talmudism started with the Golden Calf. Then these cultists subverted the Jacobites. The Talmudists were originally Jacobites but the religion was later adopted by the Khazars.

Talmudism/Kabala/Baal worship was based on the pagan traditions that some the Jacobites picked up when they were in Egypt. These pagan traditions originate in Babylon/Uruk.

The Old Testament outlines the history of how the Jacobites' civilization was repeatedly corrupted by pagan practices, led into slavery as punishment by God, then restored after they repented.

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Since forever.

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Flesh is for the hired help, Goy. Blood is for the Tribes.

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My gut says their instinct to enslave the world is rooted in the Mongol expansion, and their techniques and justifications are book-learned from Hebraic texts.

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You think it started in the 1200's? It was much earlier than that. Just look at when they started to get kicked out of places