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I think that the momentum that began when the French finally put their foot down and created "action" against their government will eventually lead to action against governments all across the world. Sometimes countries need to see another people rise up and face down their governments so all people can see that it can be done. It's often that courage creates courage.

Whatever the roots may be of this revolution, the end result will be seen in countries across the earth. In ways that can't even be conceived.

I think this is the best developing situation in the world right now. All this is going to do is spread. Macron knew that this uprising needed to be stopped, asap. So he caved on the "issue" of the carbon tax. He was too late though. Having something as simple as a safety vest gave way for a nation to come together. Brilliant.

This is going to do nothing but grow. It's like a fire with all the fuel it'll ever need.

"Yes, the fire rises.". - Bane

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MSM is not giving us the clear picture of what exactly is going on. However, the USA has a much bigger immigrant problem than Europe if you go by the numbers/percentages. It's time we put on some vests over here as well.

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Immigration isn't the issue

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Get 10 or so vests while you can still order them, I have a feeling they'll be selling out when they really matter.

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It's great to see the working class standing up for something that isn't more socialism. I hope the trend catches on and America starts protests against excess taxation, voter fraud and illegal immigration.

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Yellowjackets is such a badass fucking name. God that's good branding.

I know, they call themselves Les Gilets Jaunes. But even the translation to English is a gobsmacker.

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Hoping it spreads and doesn't want communism.

I've been holding out hope for Europeans this whole time. This is what I've wanted.

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Better late than never, but probably too late...once a creature like Macron is entrenched, it's easier to rid a town of bedbugs than pry the reins of power from his talons.

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It's the poor versus the rich. A real threat to Jewish financial oligarchy and tribal interests.