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It is mostly free, and mostly produced by the Jews.

When was the last time a Jew gave you something for free?

They literally weaponized it against Palestine.


Yet Israel itself as effectively banned porn.


Porn ain't good, pal.

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But I want to know what the effect is.

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Most of human greatness is achieved by men attempting to get laid by impressing women. Inventing things, amassing wealth/power, writing books and poetry, all done just because if you do it right, you'll get laid, have a wife, and be able to take care of your offspring.

When you watch porn and jerk off, your brain thinks that you are getting laid, and gives you a nice reward in terms of a rush of endorphins.

But you're being rewarded without having earned it. You did nothing worthy of impressing a female enough to allow her to let your penis into her vagina.

Porn makes you lazy and complacent, which is exactly how they want you.

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Memory association

Limiting mating pool

Hormone manipulation

Addiction (dopamine cycle)

Dulls sex drive


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porn detracts from actuall fucking. and it messes with yourself in other ways.

get a girlfriend if you like porn alot

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My GF don't want to do porn

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Yeah because it's just that fucking easy....

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Jews use porn to push degeneracy.

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Not only is porn degrading to women in materialistic fashion it is also degrading to the spirit of femininity and the ideal of our women. Pornography is one of the most powerful and damaging attacks against our people. It glorifies base carnality and hedonism while stripping sexual relations of true beauty and intimacy. Sex is meant for bonding between man and wife plus reproduction to build a strong family that will carry on their legacy.

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You know why some dudes get into porn?

B3cause of the sheer fucking disrespect that women are being taught is normal in relationships. In the same way a good dude won't cheat if he is safe and happy at home he won't turn to porn either.

Stop fucking putting women on a pedestal of innocence. THAT is the most powerful and damaging attack against our people.

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I second this, 95% of girls literally brag about how much of a whore they are now

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  • Viewing porn (especially for males) is an activity that spikes the dopamine levels in your brain. Similar to some drugs.

  • Your brain reacts to repeatedly being flooded with dopamine by shutting down some of its dopamine receptors.

  • As you have fewer and fewer receptors to feel the effects of dopamine, you need to flood your brain with more and more dopamine in order to experience the same "high". This is why you build a tolerance to some drugs. It is also why the "tame" porn that made you rock hard at 13 years old is boring now, and now you are into nastier, more hardcore porn.

  • Dopamine is one of the primary neurochemicals involved in motivation and your brain's emotional reward system. You are hardwired to pursue it. In the case of dopamine spiking drugs, this is called addiction. That word is less commonly used seriously with porn, though it is the same process.

  • With fewer dopamine receptors, and your brain used to experiencing high levels of dopamine regularly, the normal dopamine producing activities - sex with a woman, vigorous physical exercise, setting and achieving long-term goals, ascending the social hierarchy, i.e. general winning in life - are not nearly as motivating.

TL;DR - we know the basic process by which porn works. You become a junkie, spending time pursuing the false high of watching other men fuck women on a screen. You pursue more and harder shit, fucking up your sex life. You become unmotivated by regular life, have a hard time setting and pursuing long-term goals, and are more likely to feel lethargic, unhappy, and unsatisfied.

bullshit, it's not an addiction like drugs

It doesn't have as strong an effect on your brain as something like Meth or Heroin, sure. But it is still pretty drastic, and on par with some drugs. Don't believe me? Prove it to yourself, just to be sure - quit watching porn for a month. See if you make it the first try. See if it's not a struggle. Maybe you won't be compelled or feel cravings. Maybe your virility and energy won't improve. Maybe you won't feel cranky and be shitty like someone trying to quit nicotine or caffeine. Maybe I'm wrong. Prove it to yourself.


That being said, there is another issue.

Like I said, the more you see, the more you build a tolerance. Which means you feel the need to see more, and you also tend to seek harder and stranger porn than you first did. Well, this is provided for you, with some pretty specific patterns emerging. As the porn industry pushes more novelty and ever evolving trends, it tends to push certain social values as well. There is far more interracial porn than there are interracial relationships. There are a lot more transexuals, cuckolding, incest, etc., around in the porn industry today than there used to be. The novelty being introduced to the captive market of Western young men seems to constantly emasculate them in the face of foreigners, to show them effeminate, to show unhealthy versions of the social relationships that normally form the foundation of a strong society. Why would this be such a consistent pattern?

Look at the people behind the scenes in the porn industry. Who started the first big porn companies? Who do we find as the most common producers, directors, etc.? Who owns the large majority of the internet porn industry today? As has been pointed out a number of times in this post, it is overwhelmingly Jewish. This is much like how the British defeated Imperial China by flooding them with opium. There is a war against you, my friend. Porn is one of the weapons being used. Or do you think it is only every other Jew-dominated industry - news media, tech giants, pharma companies, political "donation", banking, social science academia, etc. - that is obviously trying to destroy us, but somehow porn is the one sacrosanct industry where they are simply trying to provide us a service?

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Prove it to yourself, just to be sure - quit watching porn for a month. See if you make it the first try. See if it's not a struggle.

I did that already, it wasn't a struggle and I didn't feel any differently. Am I missing something here?

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Dunno. I've known people that smoke the occasional cigarette, but never become real smokers. Maybe you're like that for porn, who knows?

But if I had to give a recommendation, I wouldn't risk it. There's nothing porn can do to make you a better person, nor to make your life a healthier place. And every heavy smoker started as a non-addicted occasional smoker.

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Why does everyone say heroin is bad? It feels so great...

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It has pretty obvious physical effects and leads to deadly overdose frequently.

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Because it trains your mind to be okay with (or even turned on by) other dudes fucking women you find beautiful.

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Porn is jewish cancer. It rots your brain.

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