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19:24 S02E11


( door hisses open ) ( moaning ) Aah! Oh! ( moaning ) Why are you making all those noises? We haven't even done anything yet. I know that. I'm trying to make you feel guilty. It's an old Jewish trick.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=mork-and-mindy-1978&episode=s02e11

Bonus footage


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THANK YOU! You have helped my redpill quest.

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That Raquel, what a sexy woman! ....what were we talking about again?

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Absolutely, i remember to see ali G , borat as a kid, and then i wasnt woke i didnt get it, but now i can see it for what it was.

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kill the jews for make benefit the great country Kazakhstan.

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what IS it?

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wow sure are a lot of Jewish people involved in a show about Boulder Colorado in the 70s!😳

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Jews are just a type of gypsie.. gypsies are smart they live off the host nation the irish travelars are white gypsies.. they are experts at adaptation they dont give a fuck about laws or customs only their own.. now the problem.. fucking jews are the first gypsies to try and brainwash the host into thinking the jews are the better people.. the better people create stable countries and homes for their famalies and they work hard on a daily basis for this goal.. gypsies and jews want to steal the labor of their host nation look at germany if you need proof of what im saying.

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Probably the reason they never gave him an oscar. He pissed off the wrong (((people))) early on. (yeah, I'm not gonna capitalize that on purpose)

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Did you see the collection of news articles that showed the people that "suicided themselves on a closet door with a red scarf/belt"? Chester from Linkin Park and his friend, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, umm I forget who else. Handful of people died this way in the news and these people have tiny snippets here and there about being independent and not bowing to (((them))) entirely. That's why Williams is suicided. He was /one of us/.

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Yeah there were several people that went that way. Obviously jewicides.

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Always heard Chester and the guy from Soundgarden had been taking meetings about fighting child trafficking etc. and trying to start some kind of org before they both “offed themselves”

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James Carradine

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Please tell me you have a link to share.

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IDK, it's likely that at least some among the writers, directors and producers were jews. It's really not that offensive a joke although to a jew now days it would be considered horribly anti-semitic. Of course ANY criticism of jews is anti semitism goy!

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They were making sacrifices to play the long ball back then. Slowly turning the tide.

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That line was probably written by a Jewish writer. A lot of Jews are self-hating and incorporate it in their work.

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The orkan cries out in pain as he hits you.

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Remember the movie Popeye that he starred in?? If you pay attention to when he arrives at New Haven, while he is walking up the boardwalk he encounters a jew selling carrots. Popeye sets that kike straight.

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"Carroks! How much are the carroks!" "I pays ya what I wants to pay!" I love that scene!

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haha Hell yeah. One of my fav movie scenes.

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That trick is losing its power

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Robin Williams killed himself 10 days after starting Seroquel by the way. That's not loneliness, that's chemically-induced torture from being on the wrong medication (which I think was an accident by the way; I don't think the jews killed Robin Williams lol. It happens).

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