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Making biscuits from scratch is a pain in the ass, and makes more mess than it's worth. Especially when the frozen kind aren't bad and you're just going to smother them in gravy anyway. For the sausage gravy, any brand of pork sausage of the loose kind, like those Jimmy Dean rolls. That's important because you need the fat to make good gravy. You can use the link kind, and it's damn good, but you'll have to remove them from their casings, and use bacon drippings or some other fat for the gravy, as they don't produce enough and your shit will just taste like flour and water. Gravy is easy once you get the hang of it, but everybody fucks it up the first few times. Once the meat is done to your liking, now it's just a matter of getting the right amount of flour in the mix. A lot of people say sprinkle it in. Fuck that. An old trick my Mom taught me when making gravy is to go ahead and mix the flour in with some room temperature water, or for sausage gravy like this, room temperature milk. You don't want that shit warm/hot because the flour will lump. Add about 2 tablespoons all-purpose to one cup of milk. I do a bastardized red-eye version myself where I add some room temperature espresso. That's up to you. Whisk that shit up with a fork. Go ahead and throw some salt, pepper, some cayenne maybe, whatever seasoning you like into the sausage and fat mix, bring the heat up to about medium high, then slowly start stirring in the milk/flour mix. You may not need the whole cup, but you need to get what you want in there within a small space of time. Adding some 1 minute after the last bit you added won't necessarily fuck it up, but it won't be as good .About the consistency of a thick soup is where I try to get. A few things to keep in mind. The flour will thicken as it cooks, so don't get crazy with it. It also sucks a lot of flavor out of the sausage so don't be scared to be heavy handed with the seasonings. This is a small batch recipe, so just jack the milk and flour up if you need to feed more than 2 people. Cold gravy ain't worth a fuck so making a bunch is a waste. Lastly, like I said, everybody fucks it up the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy as fuck.

edit: Nigger.

edit: I guess I should throw this in for people who don't cook a lot. Once you've stirred in the flour mix you want to give it a couple of minutes at medium high while stirring it regularly. Then bring the temp back down to below medium, giving it a stir every now and again so it doesn't stick. Taste it, and if it tastes "floury" then let it cook a little longer. If it's too thick, just add a little more milk. If it's too loose, bring the temp back up and add some more flour mix.

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i got a pound of wild hog sausage in freezer ima use it

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Goddamn that sounds like a great idea.

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im gonna start calling you zyklon_Boar

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I read this as you were going to pound a wild hog in your freezer.

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Nix the flour and go full-on heavy cream only. Simmer to thickness just like you would milk and flour. Makes for a WAY better, thick, rich, buttery-ass gravy. Try it. You won't be disappointed. You may never go back to liquid bread. I never have.

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That sounds fucking awesome.

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^This guy is on point.

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fridge biscuits are terrible way too sweet even the non honey ones

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Frozen. Not those canned ones.

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I make sausage gravy once a week- it's my fiancees faveorite! We have been putting it over scrambled eggs lately though to cut down complex carbs. Here is my recipe 1 lb sage sausage Ground Sage (to taste) 1/4 cup flour Lawry's seasoning(to taste) Tobasco( to taste) 1 1/2-2 cups milk (depending on how liquidy you like it) Season sausage with sage and brown in skillet, once browned add in flour and stir allowing it to be soaked into sausage, then add milk, Lawry's and Tabasco ( I do like 2-3 drops tobasco) turn to med and wait till you start seeing bubbles-this is when it thickens stir until thick to your liking!

Super easy takes less then 10 minutes!

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Nix the flour!! I'm watching carbs and do gravy on eggs, too. HOWEVER, you absolutely must try this: Use heavy cream only—no flour. Bring the cream up to temp and simmer to desired thickness as you would any other gravy. About 10 mins or so. Season to your liking. That's it!!! Way less carbs than any other gravy you can make and it has an amazing, rich, buttery flavor. Add all of the extra ingredients you listed above. You'll never go back to eating liquid bread. Cheers.

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I will try that this weekend! Do you use the same amount of milk or less? Or do you use the heavy cream instead of milk?

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cool i will try it thanks

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Only when I'm drunk, it's my hangover prevention meal.

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hi and that's a great idea

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Hello, and yes it works for me every time.

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I like to use the pop-cans of biscuits but I pan fry them in grease on low heat in a covered pan instead of making them in the oven. They're not as fluffy but they soak up the grease and taste so good.

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YES!!! Get the flaky, layered kind. Separate the layers and fry those up. Makes for excellent crisp and buttery jam/jelly delivery mechanisms.

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my ma makes some kinda bisquits from scratch but its just and entire pan full not individually so i cut it like a piece of cake

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As a Brit....what the shit? I assume it's not what I think it is and you've just changed our words again?

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our words

Fuck off we took em fair and square Nigel

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No is literally bisquits smothered in gravy made from sausage fat

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You're right. I don't know what a Brit would call an American biscuit. It's like a buttery bread roll with a slightly crisp outside and a fluffy, flaky inside. We make a sort of sausage, milk stew, flavored mostly with the fat of the pork and some black pepper... then we cover the biscuits in gravy and eat it when it's cold out, or we're hungover. Here, watch British people try biscuits and gravy.

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Those cunts think our biscuits are like scones.

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scones and gravy nigga

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hell yeah I eat bisquits and gravey, only my grandpa's though, they are farmer style too. Don't have the recipe, love the man, but he won't give us all his secrets yet. All us grandkids know is Kentucky Pride sausage and bacon grease for the gravey.

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im from the Ozarks n Arkansas

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My wife is from the Missouri Ozarks, but when I finish college we hope I'll find employment around Fayetteville. I absolutely love it there! Our dream is to buy a fuckton of land somewhere between Jasper and Elkins for a homestead/apocalypse bunker.

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Kentucky Pride is a brand

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Quite funny you ask. Just had some for dinner yesterday. I don't have any recipes that I know of atm though.

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were they delicious? from where/

Bob Evans restaurant has a great b&g

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My grandmother made them; don't know specifically where she got the ingredients but it was good overall.

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