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Correct answer.

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Location, location, location... also, jews.

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NO! We stole that magic dirt from niggers

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But magic dirt stop working when they kill us!

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Killing the dirt is how we get back at them

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Magic dirt, aka "Your low IQ ancestors starved to death in northern European winters, so now you're both higher IQ and burst into flames when exposed to sunlight."

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It's because white people use their fertility magic to give the magic dirt it's magic. Black men can't learn the fertility magic, otherwise their penises would fall off. White men have 4 testicles, but lose two to create magic dirt. It's why fertilizer is full of little white pellets.

... I realized that using superstition could result in teaching Africans how to farm. Just make it a spell that requires spreading fertilizer to cures AIDS.

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Must be related to magic johnson