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research "dark night of the soul." you might find it very interesting and encouraging. There are a great many vids on youtube about it. Try Trevor Ilesley, he has heaps of vids on this issue. link ; (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgpCSE9G_jY)

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Just for reference' sake:

The Dark Night of the Soul was a concept and a book originally written by Saint John of the Cross.

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I know first hand exactly what it is..but thanks anyway

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Going through the same thing. I find myself being relieved that I'm now safe but anger at the ongoing bullshit and being able to get zero support from anyone close to me, charities, welfare, bank (which about 3 days after refusing a temporary overdraft for a measly $100 publically announce a domestic violence support scheme complete with extra job training... for women). I'm grateful for the online people that have supported me but all I want right now is a damn cuddle and I'm not embarrassed to admit that. I don't get to unload on anyone or celebrate the good stuff and it's gonna be a real quiet Christmas.

It keeps leaking out sideways in while I'm about a million times calmer at work I now have zero trust in people and keep reverting to work mode (investigator hat goes on) and I start focusing on literal blatant fucking lies that people tell me... I.e. an ex who's 'not a drinker, is too busy to ever be on social media, and is really sick' changing a profile pic several times in a week, clearly isn't sick at all, and telling people how good the cocktails are where ever they are. No fucking need for it what so ever, then copping it for saying anything. I keep attracting the same fucking shit I was brought up to believe is ok but isn't and it's depressing as all fuck.

Feel free to inbox me if you need to.

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Two of the most eye opening realizations I've had are that no one really owes you anything, and all that stuff that should happen usually doesn't. Maybe it's just the age we live in. But the good thing is that you can overcome just about anything and these experiences are what will make you stronger.

Also, it's really hard but however fucked up your parents might have done raising you, even once you realize it you'll still be drawn to making the same mistakes out of habit. So try to surround yourself with people that aren't like that.

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Same here

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If u ever make it to the US, I’ll buy u a beer. I too know what it’s like having to “hide my power level.” It fucking sucks, but as of lately, I’ve been saving a little money, and i think I’m going to do me, and buy a new set of golf irons. Maybe you need a little bit of a hobby where you can get out and meet people? These hurt boxes we call 4chan and Voat, can be brutal on the mind at times. I think you may just need to decompress for a bit. Go for a vacation or something. And when you come back you may see things in a new light.

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Yes. It is called depression. Experiences shape our emotional reactions, and when there is an overload shutting down the positive emotions happens. If you can, try to get a pet, one with soft hair or fur, especially a dog. They tend to love unconditionally. An emotional support dog is just a title people give it which turns off a lot of people. But to have an animal excited at you just because you are you. Willing to spend time, cuddle and even love you when you are the biggest jerk helps. They don't judge, they take you as you are and love the hell out of you.

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The joy returns when you are ready to let the anger go, but that won't happen till you are ready.

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But don't get angry at yourself for being angry. Try to have fun.

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Happiness is fleeting moments. Soak them up while you can because as you said, life is shit. More accurately, people are shit.

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First focus on the first building blocks. Food, sleep, water, movement.

Once things calm down your emotion will come back. it is normal. It may be like a raging river or a genital tide.

If you feel anger then embrace it. if you feel crushing sadness then embrace it. You are stronger than your emotions. They will pass, don't ignore them when they come. Feel them. What is it like to be angry, does it feel like falling or like being crushed or like you are on fire.

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genital tide

In an ocean of dicks?

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oh dear the images. I am sure some one has made a blender simulation of thousands of dicks lapping up against the beach.

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I think thats their plan. This culture we are living in these days goes against every instinct of a strong normal white male. Why do u think there is so much suicide white male who feels useless and gets hand outs will be miserable almost every other racial group loves feeling useless and getting hand outs.

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You are a fucking Genius with this shit.

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