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Who will we protest? I can see it in Seattle, Portland, whatever. Shithole cities. Should have been protests of those local governments years ago. But we've got trump, right? Things are going our way, aren't they? You know something we don't? Or are you clued in to some bigger plan that doesn't expect the American people to be happy with things "in the next few days".

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The government even under Trump is not for the people. It is for the government (of Israel).

All wars are jew wars. Protest our involvement in the middle east (and the defense of our "allies" who would snub our sovereignty out of existence if they had the chance). Protest our acceptance of the "refugee" crisis that is suddenly a thing in America as well as europe.

You've been in a pot of water slowly warming and haven't noticed the temperature. In fact, just cuz a figurehead you trust is saying otherwise you agree with him. Really think about it. (Trumps still better than hillary but our gov't was fucked either way)

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I couldn't have said it better myself except I like to drive it home a bit further with a few images like so...





How far back in presidents do you figure a guy would have to go before NPC's wake up you figure? Trick question, the very nature of an NPC means it will not wake up.

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This makes the most sense. We'll see.

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In a comment earlier I said I wasn't gonna bother cause I am in a small city in Canada, BC and Ill probably be the only one amongst all these sheep. However, Vancouver isn't super far away and maybe something will happen there and fuck it I want this to happen so fucking bad in Canada that I'll make the trip. I went ahead and got a vest.

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The protestors in Paris don't live in Paris.

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I don't have a Day-Glo vest. What I have is my old Multicam uniforms, a couple ghillie suits, and a couple rifles.

Oh yeah. I'm prepared.

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I've got about 5 of them

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Have a couple I just dug out of the closet from jobs of the past. Gonna wear it to and from work.. in an ultra-liberal city.

I doubt they'd catch on due to the media blackout.

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I've got one

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Change would require discomfort and they've got America right where they want it atm.