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I'll take "Because they're faggots" for 300 please Bob.

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There aren't enough of us in Canada to do anything about it. Canada is fucking huge for the amount of people it carries - which predominantly lie in cities, which are where all the media attention is, which is also where all the actual faggots are.

Don't toss your brothers out the bus when they need help.

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It's almost as if your 'problem' is all centrally located in a nice, tidy, pile.

See: siege

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I dont really get why voat hates Canadians. There are people here that hate faggotry too

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What help do y'all need?

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Thats what we thought about the french

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I guess they'll eventually start hating being called faggots and start doing something

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I got a good laugh out of this and I'm Canadian. It's kinda harsh but true. We won't look at countries who are further down the road to ruin than us and change our course. A lot of pretty decent folk up here but there's a ton of low info and soft ones too.

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I'll take "because I moved to the other side of a border so I get to pay US income taxes, and I picked a state with no income tax" for 20,000 a year, please.

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Unfortunately rioting and large scale civil disobedience is frowned on by Canadians in general. There is a huge dislike of the recent government policies and the population is beginning to get at its wit's end. I believe there will be a Conservative surge in the next federal election and provincial legislatures but then again nothing will change.

Canadians I feel are a live for today type of mentality. Instead of recognizing the social and economic changes that began 30+ years ago that have reduced our standard of living. We instead focus on they party in power. Jumping ship to the next politician who appears to wish to address our concerns.

I have been saying it for twenty odd years that Canada has no national agenda. We need to forge forward in a concerted effort to better represent 'true' Canadian needs and values. This has been coopted by the socialist movements who claim human rights and welfare for all newcomers as our national legacy.

We are all too polite, considerate and benevolent in the face of our executioners. We would apolgize that our necks are too thick for the guillotine and as a nation would starve ourselves to better suit our demise.

Your question makes complete sense it is the lack of an answer that is the ludicrous reality. As a Canadian I can truly say I feel Canada is dead and has been for a long time. We have all become drones to the new world order and corporate interests. I don't think there is any way to turn back and this is the reality we recognize and are afraid to address.

Also, will add there are a shit ton of boomers who consume nothing but state news and an apathetic middle aged generation who have been castrated which makes up the larger part of our demographics.

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"Unfortunately rioting and large scale civil disobedience is frowned on by Canadians in general. "

Except they relocated the Parliament from Montreal to Ottawa because Canadians rioted and burned the original buildings down.

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The French have always been rebellious in nature and this is coming from a French Canadian. There are a few examples of modern demonstrations like the G20 and student marches. But that is not reflective of the general populace. Also, that was long ago and the world has changed as well as the people.

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Canada is not dead. We are light years ahead of many other nations and represent an amazing culture and society. We have accomplished much, and will accomplish more.

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We are all entitled to our opinion. But like I have asked many times in the past without a real response "What is our national agenda in the coming ten years? Where is Canada headed?". If you can answer this without bringing up the typical marxist language such as diversity, equality, benevolence, retribution then I would be quite surprised.

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light years ahead

If by "ahead" you mean in socialist degeneracy, then sure. But as of this week, France is leading the pack in human evolution.

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Rather theres a cultural portion of the population that has high potential and produces, just like white farmers in south Africa did at one time.

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We are light years ahead of many other nations

LOL, no you are already slipping into 3rd world status. The only hope you have is that as the colonization from China progresses that they will purge your 3rd world shit hole of non Han influence, and take in a couple of hundred million new colonists.

amazing culture

Yeah we've all seen 'big red'. great culture you have there.

Take a picture of Cuckistan, it won't be around in 50 years, it'll just be another Chinese territory/SAR.

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Tell that to 2011 Vancouver.

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It is important to remember that is one incident in how many years? Once again we see this is a G summit (don't recall if 7-8 or 20???) which normally brings about the anarchist, marxist and black guard protesters. Does not reflect the common, tax paying citizen.

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The west seems teeming with desire to revolt. Many are at the end of their ropes

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Lived in Alberta for many years and can easily say there is a huge divide between them and central Canada. What has been done by the federal government and Notley is a shame. Although Alberta has had ups and downs in the oil and gas industry as well as the beef industry, the financial situation at the present moment is quite dire. Unlike coastal provinces and Ontario and Quebec with their manufacturing base, Alberta is landlocked and does not have many economic options.

Can't speak about the other provinces as I have never lived there I have only had the pleasure to visit them.

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I kinda hope Mad Max fix everything tbh.

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He'll fix things like (((Trump and Q Team))) are fixing things.

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The elections are in less than a year. and Max Bernier is going to sweep it.

Riots won't be a Canadian thing if Bernier cucks out. They'll have a solidarity strike or else quietly assassinate enough of them. Some older people willing to take one for the team; a fucked up son you want gone can be not quite subtly directed.

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After the conservative greed and NDP mismanagement it seems albertans are poised to retake control

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The Liberals just lost two of the three most important elections in Canada, that being Ontario and Quebec. Nationally, they are not doing well for 2019. Ontario refused to implement the carbon taxes on fuel altogether. Our current price is about 25% lower than this time last year.

The Libs are trying to push through the tax agenda, but Trump's tax cuts in America has hamstrung that agenda, (because free trade.). Now they must cut taxes or the economy will collapse. Money is already leaving the country. Most likely they will fail to act in time for the next election, and hopefully lose that election as well.

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Money is already leaving the country

It's just 'new Canadians' funding terrorism abroad.

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Yeah and by then economy will be in tatters and we will all be unemployed

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Then we can riot:)

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Just wait 'till 2019, we'll show those damned [INSERT CURRENT RULING PARTY HERE]'s.

Just like you showed that asshole Harper in 2015 right?

If you put your faith in elections, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Fuckin boomers.

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Well for one we tend not to have fiery dispositions, Quebec excepted of course. But mostly I think that everyone is so distracted by the idiocy that's taking place at the federal level that they could probably start bringing in nigger immigrants by the boat load and we wouldn't even notice.

Wait, what's that you say?

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What you saying about Québec now? You want some bombs in your mailbox tabarnack?

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Dude chill, have some poutine.

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We need to start supplying munitions to our northern friends. They don’t have a very good self defense system against their government.

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You Southern friends already have been supplying us with munitions, and I for one thank you. USA USA USA

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We have factories that could easily be retrofitted to produce munitions. If edmonton goes there are enough tradesmen out of work who could quickly do the work. If we revolted the supply of fuel east would be cut and they would have to source from the US who would likely do it because we are competition

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Edmonton is Canada’s only savor. Been there several times for work. Everyone talks shit about the place but it’s the only large city in Canada that don’t seem cucked up. Lots of foreigners though.

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Because the masses of Indians, Pakis, Arabs and blacks in Toronto are too busy stuffing their faces with food and having 6 kids to care.

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