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Where is the black community even with all that? :/

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I think overall that and especially the free stuff actually has a very negative effect. Actually u can see their crime and single mother stats going up as society becomes less 'racist' and they get more freebies and gun control in black areas. Imagine no affirmative action hires, and all blacks at ivy league or other colleges having the same qualifications as asians or whites ... maybe at leats at beginning would be smaller numbers but the ones there would do well.

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This. One of the early black leaders (Booker T Washington?) said that they should promote their most talented - "the talented tenth" - and develop their own colleges etc. When they were focused on that, they were kind of making strides. Because the type of person who made it then was in the Ben Carson mold: structured, pro-social, churchgoing, the type of guy who gets married and raises a stable family. He might move out of the neighborhood, but he starts a charity to give back. When the focus shifted from that to all de good bois gots to get dey chancez, it became the most violent and noggy ones getting all the attention. Which has changed the way professional whites see blacks, and how blacks see themselves (especially how their values have shifted to the left)

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Correlation =/= Causation

Actually u can see their crime and single mother stats going up as society becomes less 'racist' and they get more freebies and gun control in black areas.

As society becomes less racist they're also able to get away with all sorts of nonsense that they wouldn't be able to get away with in a society that is racist. They know they have control at this point. They can commit any number of crimes and they know there are going to be enough liberals suffering from white guilt that they can practically get away with murder. Whereas in the past they were afraid to behave like the animals they are because they knew they would get put down like a rabid dog.

It's not about the freebies, it's about the lack of oversight on their communities, and the fact that they're not afraid anymore.

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If by community you mean drive by shootings and single mother hood-rats with beetus foot fighting each other on liveak, then you know exactly where it is.

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This may not be a popular opinion. I think the aid given to Africa is crueler than letting them sort it out on their own.

I’ve heard Africans argue this. The more self-aware, intelligent people over there understand that foreign aid props up unsustainable systems. Now, I’m sure most of those people don’t want to see a mass die-off and believe that their countries could find workable solutions, which may or may not be possible.

But in general, yes. A hundred million dying of famine verses a billion... It’s bleak.

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This really. Modern medicine brought to Africa has drastically reduced infant death rates, but then there's a new problem, millions of millions of mouths to feed, all dependent on foreign aid.

On top of that, Africa used to be an extremely diverse continent, with different tribes, cultures, and peoples adapted to their environment. Now they're all a bunch of niggers who look the same from one corner to the other, working shit jobs to pay for shit food and live in shit huts.
Remember that African tribe that wore all red, and their people were all super tall and skinny? They'd be featured in a lot of movies, The Ghost and the Darkness comes to mind. Well that tribe is culturally dead. The people who were of that tribe still exist, but all of their traditional clothes, hair, hunting, and all of that is dead. They make shit trinkets to sell to Western tourists to make more money to lay around and eat khat all day. They're all wearing shitty rags of clothes probably donated. The only ones carrying on their songs and dance are doing so for tourists so they can get more money for khat.
Just another shitskin looking people with their history destroyed.

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The more self-aware, intelligent people over there understand that foreign aid props up unsustainable systems.

And props up warlords and dictators who use the aid as their person power source, denying it to those who do not support them and using it to buy the support of those who will.

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The more self-aware, intelligent people over there understand that foreign aid props up unsustainable systems

It's more than that I think. The most intelligent are vehemently against just about every Western interaction with Africa. I work with this Bantu women who's a DBA, so not completely retarded, and she goes borderline conspiratard. Do you remember the Nestle boycott a few years ago? It wasn't much more than a footnote in US news papers but HOLY SHIT does it go way past breastfeeding vs. formula. The way she describes it I'm starting to hate Nestle and I don't even have a horse in this race.

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We have the home grown guy who thought islands floated!!!! When i saw it i thought it was a joke it wasnt. The restraint the millitary officers showed was amazing. I dont care how formal the situation was id have to have asked the congressman if he was indeed a fucking idiot.

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Hank Johnson. I wonder if it hurts to be this stupid.


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I used to think islands floated...

...when I was, like, four years old.

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Nogs would be better off if the whites and mudslimes left them alone. Had they been isolated, never given advanced weaponry by foreigners, never had their tribes and culture erased by having outsiders decide their borders and way of life, they'd still be a landmass of self sufficient tribes to this day.

Africans can't handle civilization. Any form of infrastructure dissipates eventually and devolves into chaos.

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I disagree. I think they had a perfectly functional form of structure, for them, before everyone started fuckin' around in there. They're incompatible with western values and cultures, but their quasi-feral system of tribes and pageantry-esque warfare held their societies together like crazy glue. Their destitution and ever-imperative lack of food (since they never evolved past hunter-gatherer) fueled societal bonds that held tribes together for millennia.

We were stupid and naive, to think they deserved better. When in fact, they had exactly what they deserved— and, realistically, need. Who knows, maybe in a few million years they might have evolved in to a different-yet-viable alternate sentient species. Like our own version of Klingons, or something.

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Africa was on the brink of massive continent-wide famine/starvation in the 1500 and 1600s. It was the importation of food crops from the new world (cassava) that helped stave that off. I wonder what the world would look like today had that not happened.

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That's not even true in the least bit. The West made contact with China and Japan. Look at them today, embracing Westernism and becoming economic powerhouses. Niggers are just stupid. They'll always be stupid, and nothing we can do will never change that for good or for bad. They'll always be beasts of the field, and the least cruel option for them would be forced eugenics.

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Both countries fought numerous wars to keep us out. Japan only adapted Western technology as a means of competition; China did it in an effort to prop up the CCP, which was concerned about its power. But even at that, Chinese and Japanese culture has always supported intellectual and philosophical pursuits; they were more easily able to integrate technology into their cultures. They had a more compatible framework

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They would all be the typical gun-toting monkey mouthed pieces of garbage that infest where ever they live with poverty, regret, indolence, and depletion of gov’t Cash-For-The-Worthless programs.

Would we give one fuck about what black people were doing?

If it weren’t for White People, they would all be the ignorant hand-to-mouth chicken fucking petty gangsters that their Noble African Counterparts are.

So I don’t give a fuck what they’re doing anyway.

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They were fine before (((integration))).

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And we were better.

We still are.

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Better question for you christian conservative boomer fucks LARPing as ethnonationalists: what would the black community look like if it wasn't for planned parenthood?

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Good point. I would be against abortion excerpt for the fact that it has saved us from the disaster of being burdened with substantially more blacks siting on our backs.

That aside, abortion is no business of the Federal government anyway.

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There's nothing wrong with abortion itself, just with making it the choice of the woman.

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They weren't a problem before the (((civil rights movement))). In fact, before they gots all dem gibs, American Blacks were doing fine.

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You're dead on with this.

And part of that was the welfare distribution. When they made it so that single mothers benefited more than families with both parents in the home. Overnight they made it an incentive for Shaniqua to have as many kids as possible WITHOUT being married. So you get generations of parasites feeding off of the system, with no reason to work, because if they even try to lift themselves up a little through work, the gibs go away. This is the biggest reason for the destruction of the black community, Before that, they were generally respectful, and even respectable, and weren't outbreeding whites. In fact, due to their superstitious nature, they were in church a lot more, which brought them in line with certain moral expectations. The civil rights movement destroyed them, and gave rise to the destruction of this country.

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Pretty much this. They had issues, but they knew their place.

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don't forget gubmint jobs either.

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I see more of them at the VA than any other race. It's disgusting. They all have gubmint jobs with pretty good pay and bennies, for doing the absolute minimum, and sometimes not even doing that much.

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I tried getting a job doing security at the local nuclear power plant. Ride around in a truck, carry an M-16 (at the time), watch the woods full of gators and snakes eight hours a day. They said it was a breeze for ex-military. Then I was told unofficially I had one critical missing qualification, and would never get hired...

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getting paid to abuse the vets. nice gig.

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Take a tour around Detroit, you'll have your answer.

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Have no contact with niggers, its the only way.

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still niggers

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