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Yes. If anything on the internet asks for your real life info and they dont need it to deliver something you bought to you, then give them fake info

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I don’t understand why all of you think an email is real life info.

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Your real email is associated with your real name address and phone number for companies where you buy things. Companies and government sell and share their customer databases too often to assume you've been successful in opting out of all of them. If you give any website your email address you might as well have given them everything else too because they can associate it with your real id through the customer database companies that sell all that info.

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Yes you do

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If you had to give up your phone, real address, credit card or any other real info to open an email account (like with Yahoo, Live.com, etc), that is all "real life info". Only email accounts you managed to open using all fake info can be considered even quasi-anonymous (for the full monty you need to also be using a VPN to cloak your IP address).

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Of course not all emails are, but a lot of them might as well be. Lots of people connect their real names and social media accounts to their email address and still give it out without thinking anything of it.

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This is what I do.

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I keep an email acct I use for just that, so that one I don't mind. My phone#? nope, ain't happnin.

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If you use the same email multiple places it will enable tracking you between sites, which means everything is likely to get tied back to you anyway.

Staying private is serious work these days.

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I dont register for very many sites. And if you think changing that email means they can't track you I have some bad news. They know who you are and that you're here right now and your UID here and that it connects to all the other sites you visit.

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In a world where data has an unusually high rate of either being stolen, leaked, or sold - it's fair to say your privacy is ultimately a personal responsibility.

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At the least they're making money from selling your details.

At worst you're being tracked.

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But everyone on this site is paranood AF, so take my answer with that included??

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This mistrust is an intuitive instinct that can be validated logically. Most people (sheep) don't have this instinct so they don't even think about it.

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It depends on the site. Any financial services has to do proper KYC and adhere to AML laws.

The rest, as other people have said, are just harvesting data to sell unless they are shopping a product, and those companies probably sell your data (Amazon etc)

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Yet another huge data breach today.


Chances are, your info is already out there.

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