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jews my friend. It's jews.

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Speaking of pollution...

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Gassing & ovening jews might be hard to market to the eco friendly crowd, we should perhaps explore greener alternatives.

What about sun dried jews ? Maybe some wind powered electric showers ?

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Its great to call the jew, but funny how no one calls out the white women for abandoning men and not shitting white kids.

These 30 years old childless childs are everywhere ,they are too good for the common man, and the statistics dont lie.

There is a massive holocaust of wiping low genetic white material and its white women the primarily responsible for this. Its them who decides who passes his genes, and they have no problem popping 5 turds for tyrone.

You guys always give them a pass, why is that ?

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Jewesses created and still lead the modern feminist movement, which is the single factor most responsible for the breakdown of the white Christian family unit. Christian women were told by these Jewesses that they were old-fashioned and foolish to want to maintain a house and raise children. They were told that they should lust after a job just like the men had ("I am woman, hear me roar."). They were told that their careers came first and children could wait. They were told that they didn't need to depend on men, and that marriage was out-dated and unnecessary. They were told that if they got pregnant, they could have an abortion for convenience. They were told by these Jewesses that being a slut was the lifestyle they should emulate. They were told that it was exciting and good to be fucked by niggers, and to have babies by niggers.

And white woman believed all these lies, and still believe them, because the Jew-controlled media (OUR media) backed them up and reinforced them every hour of every day. Anyone who suggested that just maybe this attitude of women was destroying our society was laughed at.

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Because soy boys and fuck everything chads have let the jews brainwash our women while we enjoyed degenerate goy things jews have pushed.

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Because strong men should've kept them in line.

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All the social trends eating away at Western civilization were started and are maintained by Jews.

Jews are the cancer of the West.

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How do you know jews aren't controlling you right now? They need to create a threat to justify their fight against non-jews. They probably created Hitler just so they could pretend to be persecuted!!! If you criticize my theory you are just doing the Jews work!

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Forget the logic games. White genocide is widely known.

It's time to turn things around

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There are two possibities that make sense of what is being done.

1) They want white people dead

2) They want everyone dead

Either of these will explain why they want people to stop having kids and why they want to create chaos by any means they can.

Their excuses for their actions contradict each other because they are just excuses.

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Realistically, they want a worldwide cull. They aren't stupid. We keep asking ourselves why they'd import millions upon millions of kike-hating muzzies who will be much more difficult to hide from and to leach off of. The explanation, i feel, is rather simple. They want to enrage everyone into another enormous World War. It will cull the populations, it will grant them even more power and money, etc. Non-whites were always a problem in the US, but we have to look at the progenitor of all of these paradigm shifts. The Media. Who owns the media? Mostly Jews, however they are all elitists. Elitists with ambitions of God-like power of control over their environment. Have any of you even read Soros's biography?

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The world isn't overpopulated. Jews just want responsible European races to stop having children.

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Only white people produce pollution, my fellow white man. Listen to your fellow white man from Israel and I will tell you to stop having any kids and import another 29 families of diversity. Isn't it just great? Look at the paradise that is Sweden, or UK, travel to the city of love, Paris. You're gonna get enriched, hard.

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The point is to destroy national identity and cultures.

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Careful there. It sounds like you've had a little too much to think

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Blacks and Arabs need to address their overpopulation.

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