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Meanwhile concealed carry reciprocity has actually passed the House, just needs Senate and President's signature to become law.

I think we'll be OK.

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You're still the only one of them I don't have any issues with.

I don't think 7115 will pass. If it does and it isn't immediately challenged by the SCOTUS, then something is happening.

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Hasn't said shit about it yet with the storm of tweets everyday.

No one save a few online and YouTube activist are talking about it.

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Only one of who?

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Maybe I'm a dumb fuck but what does any of this matter if you live in a state that doesn't require permits to purchase or register rifles?

Also doesn't 115th mean it has to be passed before 116th gets in or it's just another dead bill that failed?

Also note this is NJ, if it were TX or GA I'd be worried somethings amiss. Presented to house not passed, long way to go before NYE, I'm not worried, just someone looking to say they tried before resetting to a new term.

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I'm not convinced. We had a gun control initative pass quite easily here in WA

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Isn't WA extremely liberal?

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Washington State is not controlled by Congress.

[–] AR47 [S] 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago 

Until you must show id to even buy parts to upgrade a weapon or repair it.

Fuck all that. This is how the establishment eroded rights to begin with. This will be federal and all encompassing.

[–] clamhurt_legbeard 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

It would have to pass through both the House and the Senate.

It won't pass either.

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It has been in the Senate for a year already. If the Senate does not vote on it in less than a month, that bill goes away with the coming of the new Congress. This is a one month window that they won't get back. The Senate better do something fast.

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This Senate is afraid of The People.

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I don't think it will pass, read it. It literally bans everything that isn't liquid. If the end consumer can turn it into a gun it's banned.

So pretty much everything in home depot, banned.

[–] AR47 [S] 1 points 25 points (+26|-1) ago 

Man people said the Patriot act wouldn't be renewed too.....

Guess what....it was

[–] Conway 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

There is a difference between a bill written by a team of lawyers to give the government reaching powers. And a bill written by fools, that is only designed to make headlines. They aren't at the stage of actually wanting to ban anything(at least realistically), they are at the stage of manipulating people into thinking they want stuff banned.

This bill is creating a boogeyman and making people pick sides. Look at those evil pro gunners, they don't even want to ban 3d printed ghost guns that shoot kids automatically. This bill is so they can say shit like that. It's not written in a way that could be enforced.

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We have to repel the assault everytime. They only have to get lucky once.

Instead of saying "call your congressmen" we need to use the much shorter list of congress critters that are possible swing votes.

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Is there a way to turn libtarded SJW fucks into partial AR lowers? If it can be demonstrated we can ban them

[–] Conway 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Pretty sure you could do one with bones if you were careful with the joinery.

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Nice damage control, fellow goyim.

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I bought all my guns a couple years ago. It’s a shame they all fell out of a canoe recently.

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Good idea, but you would have to report it for it to work. That is if you are pretending they fell out so you can say you don't own them anymore.

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That is if you are pretending they fell out so you can say you don't own them anymore.

Uhh, listen, bucko...

That's illegal. I don't break laws.

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I read it, I just dont give a shit about those laws anyway. Before, it was amusing to try to work around the obstacles, and, in a way I am grateful that the restrictions previously into place has caused massive tech innovation.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Two years ago, the idea of milling and adapting different parts to different rifles would have seemed too difficult.. now, I've pumped out at least 5 of my own, with the compnents/tools to make a lot more. Heres a recent one https://imgoat.com/uploads/6366388177/168084.jpg

(Ps, I keep a 22 conversion bolt in the rifles so worst case scenario, 22 caliber guns arent considered ars and dont need to be registered anyways, hah. Happy hanukah)


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Not a Jew myself.

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Sorry, didnt mean to imply that. I just like saying it as practice. Mozzletoff!

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Hey rabbi?

How is that stock and foregrip? I got them both for me SBR I am making is 7.62*39 on an 8.5in barrel?


Your .22 would be in this bill because it has a detachable magazine and a barrel shroud.

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It's better than average but not great. I really like the stock but the forgrip feels a bit weird but they may just be an unfamiliarity thing.

Yeah, I know it SAYS that but push come to shove, departments want nothing to do with 22s due to the paperwork. Back when ct first did the registration in for all the "assault" guns, I made sure to create a mountain of a headache for them by putting all my 22s in weird stocks and putting fake accessories on my guns. For instance, they wanted magazines registered as well. So i brought a bunch of magazines for guns I dont have and since mags obviously dont have serial numbers, they didnt know what guns to pair them with. So they were doing processing paperwork with no identifications lol.

I have a bunch of state police buddies and they said all that paperwork just got shoved into a side room with no intention on ever being looked at. After I brought my first 22 "assault" rifle in, they said just dont bring them in because technically a ruger22 could not be an assault gun, despite its features.

So who the fuck knows.

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Wow, that looks great! How many in the drum?

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Like the Hera furniture.

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Busy looking at puppy pics

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Don't get your panties in a twist.
We get fake posturing bills like this introduced all the time. A bill doesn't mean shit until it gets voted on and passes, and this one isn't even in committee. Seriously, politicians constantly introduce these so they can say "10 years ago I proposed a bill that would eliminate autism!", knowing full well it'd get only get 1 vote if it ever got brought up for a vote.

Just go check out some of the bills from last year that died after introduction. "Bill to Abolish the Department of Education", "Bill to Withdraw the US from the United Nations", "Bill to Prevent Withdrawl of Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities", "The One President At a Time Act of 2016", "Preventing Preventable Earthquakes Act", etc..

I think something like 2% of introduced bills actually end up as law. The vast majority are congresscritters trying to virtue signal.

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I care about this bill that I posted because it pertains to something I find important and worded very very specific.

You don't care? Ok welcome to being American. However I do care so I am doing something about it.

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That has already been put into law in California. California is the nation's petri dish for communist/tyrannical legislation. This shit is always done in CA first, to prove that it can be done, it is then attempted in other states or nationally. Every time.

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We are talking about it, I surely hope that shit gets blocked in the senate but if it doesn't I funcking hope Trump doesn't sign it if that should happen courts/supreme court should kill it and no cop should enforce it or any true patriot citizen ever comply.

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We are now, but it's been a week and I haven't seen one post on here about it.

Might have missed it, but haven't seen anything about it save the few YouTube videos and some obscure articles

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I do wish there was more being spoken about it as well. We need to stay vigilant I'm sure the GOP like will be more than happy deprive us of our natural rights especially if they can essentially look like it's the dems actually doing it yet they do nothing to stop it.

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