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TL;DR: Jews are over-represented in every position of public facing recognition, power, or privilege that you can identify. This has no good explanation other than a targeted effort by those in power and privilege to hire other Jews. Go plug the term "Jew Over-representation" into any search engine and begin your own due diligence if you don't want to read any further.

This is somewhat of a case where when someone says JEWS, they actually mean JEW SUPREMACISTS (or Jewish Mafia if you're a room temperature IQ NPC and your brain turns off because you associate the term supremacists with Patrick Little). The Jews in power who only hire, promote, and further empower other Jews. It's not every Jewish person, obviously, and the useful idiots who roam around twitter saying meme-worthy shit like "Fellow White People" are not the target of this outrage, but once again the JEW SUPREMACISTS or JEWISH MAFIA in power.

I'll happily start throwing out data, but the general consensus is that society is really run by Politics, Banking, and Media - and when you go look at every Politician, all large Media conglomerates, the educational system, the Worldwide Banking cartel, and every large company CEO, you may be surprised at how consistently they appear to almost all be Jewish (at the top levels in control, C-suite, executive, especially). Why are the majority of people in power and politicians Jewish (often dual citizens?).

When we live in a world of affirmative action and diversity hires, why are Jews (who only make up 1.7% of the population in the US, for example) so over-represented in positions of power?

Probably the most striking and easiest to see because we already have systems in place to handle this are how the Jews are over-represented in American top-tier education. In a system which uses Affirmative Action, the only realistic explanation for an over-representation of Jews over both whites and ethno-minorities is Jews in power in Academia letting Jewish people in even over the more traditional diversity hires. Same applies to corporate culture that is predominately Jewish, such as 97% of the employees of Worldwide Media conglomerates, owned by Jewish Rothschild's.

Essentially, the entire Western World's power levers appear to be hidden behind a third tier of Jewish Mafia Affirmative Action that specifically hires/promotes Jews over whites and the other traditional diversity hires (women, ethno-minorities, etc). Until we are honest with ourselves about this reality then we cannot begin to face the real enemy - Jewish Supremacists.

We just need a better name, because room temperature IQ NPC's hear "Jews" and their brains shut off because they just hear racists who hate all Jewish people, when that's legitimately not the case overall.

Final note: I personally think this is just the result. The disease is the Mossad-infiltrated and now run CIA blackmailing and controlling US politicians (giving Israel de facto control over the US Government). This is really the only logical explanation as to why "Israel Is America's Greatest Ally" when we get NOTHING FROM THEM AT ALL, yet yearly give away Military equipment (which they sell in the global market), cutting edge technology (which they sell on the global market), and gobs of money (which they use to lobby Governments and further buy Politicians, Academia, and Corporate C-Suite Executives).

The entire Western World are literally Jew Supremacist (Jewish Mafia) slaves and 99.99% do not even realize it. Change my mind.

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Imagine a jewish mafia pyramid with...

The Rothschilds (and possibly a handful of other families like them) on the top as "Dons"

Jews like Soros as "Underbosses"

The jews in charge (political, media, banking, etc etc) in the middle as "Capos"

And your average street jew as an unknowingly controlled "Soldier"

Soldier's are unknowingly controlled from birth by their family raising and culture and, for the more religious ones, by the Rabbi. They are growing up in indoctrination and goyim hate. It parallels how niggers are made too, it's a well practiced and solid tactic they use very effectively.


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Agreed. Anyone who follows the jewish faith does so with the belief that jews are superior to all others and are complict in the atrocities that follow, including the holocaust, which was a mirroring of ethnic hatred the jews have codified and worshipped for thousands of years.


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Since room temperature IQ liberal brains turn off at the word SUPREMACIST (which is accurate), we might as well just start calling it the Jewish Mafia (equally accurate).


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Fuck yea. Let em know!


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As an actual Jew just let me add that the "useful idiot" quotient is extremely high in American Jewry. I had to disconnect from many friends from the last election because apparently I became a White supremacists nationalist aryan nazi for supporting Trump according to the libtard Jews that I used to consider friends.

Jews in America were programmed just like the rest of White America to think of Whites as less than them and worthy of disdain because they are goyim or because they are the same as the Germans from WWII (which makes no sense because many Whites from America fought against the Germans, etc), but it is an easy trope to brainwash sheeple with.

The masses got a huge dose of mind rape from the MSM and the powers that be, many of whom are in league with Jews, are Jews, or are part of a group of globalist Whites who do not care about enslaving their own people too. American Whites, Jews, etc., all got brain raped by the feminist globalist communist messaging that the CIA and deep state programmed at us through media and education. This was orchestrated by Jews and Whites.

You see, on the whole Jews are very intelligent, and if they use that intelligence for evil and control, it turns out quite fucked up. Whites are not innocent of the evil, but on whole many Jews became part of this machine, whether willingly or unwillingly.

It is important to understand that I disagree fundamentally with Voat hive mind crap about all Jews being bad and being irredeemable, I do not believe that. I have redpilled many, and more and more Jews are coming around and becoming "racists" and believers in truth (bell curve, Jew responsibility to wake up, Male genital mutilation evil, nigger genes meaning they are pavement ape dirt dwellers, etc).

Everyone (Jew and White) needs to wake the fuck up and realize that we are all slaves to this cabal of globalist fucktardage that is run by many Jews and also Whites as well. Free your mind, see beyond the MSM media programming, read more and disbelieve everything they tell you.

Marriage and fidelity and family and celibacy without marriage and community are all good. Feminist sex degeneracy and miscegnation and faggotry and pedo fuckery is all evil.

We do not need any more street shitting mud hut dwelling sand/bean/rice niggers here. We need to end/deport all mulitcultural shit garbage, jail and execute nig criminals, and end welfare. Robots can and will replace the nig, we no longer need or want them here. Fuck the demorats and RINOs. Traitors and Communists are the evil. Stand strong and believe in redeeming the Whites and the Jews that are brainwashed.


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Isn't it a (((coincidence))) that in 2018, the countries that don't have a Jewish owned Central Bank are Cuba, North Korea, and Iran?

Don't forget to mention that every other country that didn't have a central bank in the last 20 years was invaded - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc.


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If a Jewish Suprmecy is truly pulling the strings of modern western society then kudos to them, they deserve to be supreme. It’s ok, before you know it AI will let you experience the reality you want where it’s you in a boardroom full of people who look exactly like you creating whatever world you want, just keep feeding Google and Apple all your thoughts