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They do it to sound more educated than they are.

I.remeber an ex being right into that 'passions' horseshit with some wetback who spoke perfect English until.she called her daughter when suddenly it became the-reh-sah

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As this is pretty obvious, I guess this is more of an observation rather than a question.

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Nice catch! Yeah, she's a LARPer.

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Salma hayak and Penelope Cruz were presenting an award together and they were competing for most over the top accent. It was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen.

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I've seen these broads being interviewed in the 90s. Somehow their accents have gotten shittier, over time. Funny, that. Gotta catch all them virtue signaling points.

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LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'm Hispanic. (who do I have to blow to get a part in a movie?)

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At least they were both born in Spanish speaking countries and grew up speaking it. Hayek was like 25 when she came to the US from Mexico and Cruz was around the same again when she came here from Spain. Ocasio-Cortez was born in the Bronx, her mother somewhere in NYC, and her dad was Puerto Rican.

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It's pandering and proof they're an image not an ideal. The opposite of what you want as a representative unless you're shallow and stand for nothing not superficial.

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Haha, anyone remember the old SNL skit with Jimmy Smits where they were in a board meeting and ordered Mexican food, and he over-pronounced all the names?

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A lot of spics who speak English do that. It’s an obvious affectation, meant to show how proud they are of their culture or some shit. It indicates that they hold themselves apart from Whites, as something different and somehow special.

These are same people who like to say shit like “family is very important in my culture” while they shuffle across the border and risk being separated from their children for the sake of money, even though they actually believe what they say despite what they do. This is what passes for “pride” with those idiots.

Using hyper-correct pronunciation for their own names is motivated by the same attitude.

Their entire culture is pretentious and tacky. Their sense of identity is superficial. Every time I hear some taco-nigger do that shit I’m reminded of this.

Pro tip to all English-speaking spics: your name is not difficult to pronounce, you are not special, and White People don’t give a fuck how neat and cool you feel about yourself. Go home and fix your homeland. Then you’ll have something really to be proud of.

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The best ones are the spics who will tell other spics they don't speak spanish, but have the fucking accent!

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I have a hard time pronouncing my name in anything other than a midwestern accent no matter what language I am speaking. It seems to be the same with any of my foreign friends - no matter how good their accent is, they always pronounce their name the way they grew up pronouncing it.

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IT BE "LA DASH A" not "LA-A" sheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiitt

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Thuh dash d'on be silent!

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