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I think it’s more like Voat is an uncensored news aggregator so it attracts anti-Semitic users because they found a place where they won’t get shut down.

The cost of freedom, if you can’t handle offensive speech then move to England.

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antisemitism is a made up word to dismiss malicious jewish supremacist ideologies. I'm shocked how many fuckers are on here pretending otherwise.

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Thank god, someone gets my point!

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antisemitism is a made up word

All words are made up bro.

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what's kinda funny is any semite on semite action can be considered anti-semitic.

so if the syrians are semites, we can call anyone that's cried "anti-semite" an anti-semite. Would be good to use against anyone trying to justify the war in syria.

the good side effect of highlighting a hypocrite is people stop caring about messenger and if it continues people will eventually stop caring about the message. in this case it'll desensitize "anti-semite" just like no one cares about "racist" anymore.

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It's exactly this. The Dev was complaining about just this earlier in the year.

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This is the correct answer.

How is that the correct answer? He literally said "Voat is an uncensored news aggregator" and you agreed? You're constantly screaming that there's censorship all over this site.

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Antisemitic isn't even a valid term as jews were not semites.

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Jewphobic is more accurate, but they don't use it sounds dumb.

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The Jew crys out in pain as he strikes you.

The Jew will tell you he was beaten but not WHY he was beaten.

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The Jew will always tell you what was done to him, but never tell you why.

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The jew is rarely beaten, the jew makes up stories about being beaten.

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The Jews hide behind anti-Semitism for every opinion that does not follow their script. Hey there jews, America is waking up. That anti-Semite PC control is not cutting it anymore. The veil is lifting.

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Also, if this place isn't a bastion for antisemitism then I need to find a different place.

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Wikipedia is a lost cause. The kikes and communists have infiltrated it from top to bottom. There's a wiki clone that popped up in response to Kikepedia's obvious anti-white bias, can't remember the name, it has the word galactic in it.

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I believe InfoGalactic started as a perfect clone of Wikipedia, then people starts gradually altering bits that smelled (((a bit funny))).

That said, IG is still far from ideal because many pages are not altered yet.

So if any of you Voats reading this have unplugged knowledge about some topic, please consider sharing your knowledge on the relevant IG page.

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Yes, there was also a page about "white-washing in movies" and someone in the discussion asked why there was no "black-washing in movies" page on wikipedia.

You can guess what the responses were.

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It was always to be propaganda. By intent and design.

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Wikipedia founder is juden. There are multiple alternatives to wikipedia. Some even more far left. Have to be careful. They are usually pretty obvious.

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It's a place where there's no Jewish privilege.

Every race can be attacked equally.

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Unfortunately, we don't really know your race because... your mom. I guess your classification would be Homo homo.

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Who cares? They just labeled Voat and made it easier to find. Those on the path will find us and enjoy our shitposting redpills and others will that arent will avoid us.

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I care. Words have meaning.

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Depends how its used. Rape used to be the most villified act around, with the bullshit that liberals made out of it, its become a joke. With the way kikes are tossing 'ANTISEMITISM!' around its losing its meaning fast. anyone with a spark of critical thinking will start to wonder why jews get a special word for racism against them like its something special, that leads to 'why are they usually more hated than other races?' and its just downhill for the kikes from there.

From what i have learned from this site and beforehand, antisemitism is a good thing.

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But only the person receiving those words allow a positive or negative interpretation

Get in the oven niggerfaggot.

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Fact is they would ignore Voat if they could.

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Well said! Took me long enough to find this site. At this point my assumption is, if the lame stream don't want you snooping around, they tell you "Nothing to look here, it's 'wrong' stuff, stay away." That tells me, "dude, theres gold in that direction. Wade through the mud and see what turns up". Haters = Trolls.

Hate is the inability to effect positive change in your life, so you focus your attention on exterior projections. = Small minded, powerless folks. God help them rise out of that dark hole.

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If you can't observe a day of silence out of respect or (more likely) from glee, you will get this website killed.

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They're not wrong.

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Counter semetic is more accurate

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Do you think that would really make a difference? It's like arguing the definitions of "white nationalist" v. "supremacist". The public doesn't care, they interpret it as they're told.

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No need when you use GE’s patented quad-vection oven . Just hit JEW option and their screams brings on a 5th vection that allows people to no longer be oppressed and stop killing each other on behest of the Jew.

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