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BTC was worth -100,000 USD in 1990, well done numb nut now the Jews are going to come after you for the $1m you owe them!

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He owes the jews $1,000,000?

Isnt the prize for snitching like 10% of that?

How did he get that $2,000,000? Did someone give him $4,000,000?

I don’t understand how he could have come upon $6,000,000. Its a mystery.

The secret mystery $9,000,000 that goyim has.

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And that’s exactly how the numbers of the holocaust grew

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Remember the $6,000,000 you owe me!

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Fucking beautiful, my sides.

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numb nuts numb tip

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Don't forget the lifetime of suffering and mental trauma. Reparations for the goyim!!

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I think you'd have to sue your parents since they made the decision.

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I was under the impression that many US hospitals simply mutilated genitals by default. If the parents make any request it would have been to NOT have standard procedure done.

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When my son was born it was something that you had to make arrangements for and they certainly did NOT do it without parental permission or request. If they do it now without that I would sue the hospital.

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I was under the impression that many US hospitals simply mutilated genitals by default.

I don't think that is the case. At least not now. Parental consent is required for a lot of medical stuff but I think a lot of parents still do it because of tradition.

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It's true in the Midwest. They wouldn't even ask.

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They ask you and since it is accepted as a default procedure, most parents just say: “yes, of course!”

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That's bullshit. The "doctor" who convinces the parents that it's healthy, mutilates the baby's penis while he screams in agony, and then sells the foreskin for pocket money has no responsibility? I'm not saying anyone could ever win a single fucking case against God's chosen lawyers, but it IS their fault and millions of American men DO deserve reparations (I believe Eric Clopper said it would be in the trillions?). Honestly it makes me feel a little better knowing that they do it to themselves, too. They have no idea how badly they fucked their sons over and how badly their fathers fucked them over. If they knew, they wouldn't do it to their own.

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Not sure the parents are to blame. My mother had to threaten the doctor with a lawsuit to make him stop (and I have the scar to prove it).

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That's really crazy. As I said, my experience was much different but that was over 30 years ago. Apparently things have changed.

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Circumcision more than any other issue shows how cucked American Protestardism really was, even long before the 1960's. But after Vatican II we are now just left with Orthodoxy.

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No you can't sue them because they're poor little jews, that's hate speech, and you're a Nazi. You remember the evils of the Holocaust, don't you? Even if you won what would definitely be the biggest class action lawsuit in history, you'd probably be found the next day having committed suicide with two bullets in the back of your head and no gun.

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This is in no way stupider than today's leftist ideas. Godspeed.

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If your parents told your doctors to do this then blame your mom and dad maybe instead of blaming kikes blame your parents and screw with them and literally bully them until they die of old age. Guilt trip them. More kids and adults need to guilt trip their moms and dads and make them fell really really shitty.

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every birthday, I always remark how its hard to relive the rape and genital mutitlation I exp on that day! To whoever, friends, family, acquantinces, idgaf

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