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Jews don't fight. They use their money to get other people to fight. And if you try to fight them, you are basically the most evil person to ever exist.

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"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

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Always. It's called "chutzpah"

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They fought some in their early history. Medina, anyone?

Thing is, they're terrible, and they always lose without massive assistance from goyim.

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In the Bar Kokhba revolt they destroyed at least 2 entire Roman legions. But then the Romans killed about 75% of all jews... way more than Hitler ever even could have.

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Money printed out of thin air

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No. They are parasites.

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4 kike accounts downvoated

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False - America is basically a jewish empire. The Manhattan project was primarily carried out by jews and they fucking obliterated their enemies

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Without Heisenberg, Planck and other ethnic Germans aka Aryan Enemies Numero Uno, the Manhattan Project would have been impossible.

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They didn't fight or die for it, though. They sent goyim to do so instead.

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Sort of; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Israel_(united_monarchy) But they took that land from others.

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All land is taken from others. That's how history works.

Jews conquered the land of Canaan, and made it their home. It roughly mirrors the current state of Israel, with a few other tribal lands throw in for good measure - Gaza was the Philistines, northern Israel along the coast was the Phoenicians (mostly modern Lebanon).

They are in the process of reconquering that land and making it theirs again, so, in terms of will they fight for their empire, yes, they will, and have fought for the state of Israel, and Canaan before it.

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But the jews you speak of are not jews, they're Khazarian converts. Therefor they aren't in the process of reconquering anything, simply conquering a land to which they have no claim.

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The Torah claims that the Jews escaped to the "promised land", killed the Canaanites and took their land and cities. Not a drop of guilt about that, since it's "God" who ordered it.

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And the Jews genocided the Canaanites completely, as "God's chosen people was commanded by God", at least according to themselves: https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/Joshua%2010%3A40 , and this is just one of their genocides that they have admitted to (and then there are the many genocides throughout their whole history that they have committed that they have not admitted to, including by using means such as communism that endangers the whole human species, Jews included). And they likewise ended up creating laws against not just human sacrifice, but child sacrifice: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/Leviticus/18/21 , something that religions and peoples closely related to the Jews practiced. And I do not know why it was the slightest bit necessary for them to create such a law, or why they did not instead seek to become a people that despised such things, or whether they merely created it to help make them look better, only doing it covertly. And these days I think about long-term abortions and some of the blood rituals that the Jews do openly today (there is also the book https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passovers_of_Blood , though I do not know whether it is sincere, honest, reliable, etc.):

It also reminds me of the Sicarii, Jewish zealots and assassins that as I recall it destroyed the Jews' own foodstocks in Jerusalem before a siege, as well as the Maccabees, who as I recall murdered those that did not circumcise and mutilate their children.

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All land is taken.

I still hate jews

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which is just more make believe from the old testament. I think OP meant actual real world kingdom/country. In which case no, not really.

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Actually, it pains me to say yes. Theirs is the New World Order run by the synagogue of Satan and the sodomite jew in the letter known as the man of perdition.

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Sodomite Jew born in Iraq will be the genuine Antichrist.

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The Jewish messiah is the Christian antichrist.

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I have a theory.. i like to make list.

  1. Jews are the only matrarcy society

  2. Because of 1 the men become weak and faggot like

  3. The women have the strong men killed off every couple 100 years when their welcome is worn out in the country they parasiticaly invaded

  4. The weeding of storng alpha men allows the women to keep control

  5. The alpha males that do survive go into the religious side and do their weird evil shit there

Thats my theory someone debunk it

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In all my life I have never met a masculine male jew, I've met plenty of batshit crazy domineering female jews though. Had a stepmother who's mom was a multimillionaire heiress who was always into everyone else's affairs, she literally referred to herself as the matriarch lol

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Just try to wheel and deal with a Jew. As soon as you bring money into the conversation, you'll see Jews get real ballsy, real quick. For the most part they aren't abnormally unpleasant to strangers, and they tend not to be hyper-aggressive, until it's time for them to haggle or you are in an argument about money. They turn into something else really quick. It's like watching the transition from Jekyl to Hyde. I know this: my mother married into a Jewish family.

All small-statured men for the most part. But watch them walk into a car dealership or some retailer and just become bull dogs. They have a knack for being able to haggle and debate on money. It's like being able to calculate sums of of money, or interest, or future value, it just comes to them so fucking naturally its astounding. To say money is in their blood is a cheesy metaphor, but it's applicable. They get what they want.

And part of this has to do with their network. If anyone thinks that's a stereotype, think again. They typically only do real business with other Jews, and any Jew even moderately involved in a community or in any commercial sense is connected to every Jew within 3 or 4 counties. My mother also has worked in dentistry for a Jewish owned practice. All of the major Jewish business owners and lawyers in that area of the state get their dental services from her boss. They are extremely ethnocentric in who they deal with financially.

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The jews always use lies and deception to get other races to fight their wars for them. Not once have they fought their own war

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I dont know if Kid Fucking is a 'Empire' but if it were ? it would be the Jews that run it

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Have they ever had an empire that they themselves created? Or have they all been someone else's that they infiltrated and ruined?

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