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because its a myth


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Where are the long list of Jewish invention?


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You didn't post any studies, or findings. Typical.


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They have a higher average IQ but their population is relatively small. Even though jews have like a 112 average IQ there are more white gentiles with an IQ at 130 or above than the entire Jewish population. It’s possible at the very tail end on the right side of a bell distribution curve that Jews outnumber gentiles in the 160 IQ range because differences in average IQ have the largest impact on the tail end of the curve but I don’t have any data on that.

As others have said, ashkenazi jew basically means European convert, so as much as voat or jews May hate for me to say it one is really comparing whites against whites.


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I do..... it's a fact that Jews happen to have higher IQ than regular White people
I happen to think The larger than average shekel sniffer is the cause of the IQ gap


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Because Jews have proven themselves to be pathological liars over and over for the past 6000 years, and they control all the major academic publications?


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Another perspective to look at this is that IQ only really matters if its too low. That's when you become incompatible with society. If you are too smart you will suffer, too, since everyone will seem like an idiot to you, but if you can handle that you'll be fine. If you're too dumb, there's nothing you can do, you're just fucked.


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the difference has been demonstrated many times with varying populations and administrators.


To my knowledge, this often repeated claim is based on a single study, which tested fairly small groups of university students and therefore not representative cross-sections of the respective populations. This is a common weakness of IQ studies of this sort, generally speaking.

WorldData.info lists Israel at rank #44, with an average IQ of 94.

IQ Research.info lists Israel at rank #40, with an average IQ of 95.

How can this be, if Jews have such extraordinarily high IQs?

Another dimension to this is that there are different subraces of Jew, with different average IQs. Sephardi Jews, for example, genetically much closer to Arabs, fall significantly below the above averages. The Jews with the highest average IQs are Ashkenazi Jews (also the largest subrace of Jews today). But what exactly are Ashkenazi Jews?

Genetic studies have shown that, while they certainly retain traces of their Middle Eastern heritage, Ashkenazi DNA is overwhelmingly European. Which is why some of them are difficult to distinguish by looks alone. On average, over 80% of their DNA is of European stock. Many of them have even more. This includes not only their base DNA, but also mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which is only passed down from the mother. [source]

This means that the vast majority of founding mothers of modern Ashkenazi were actually European women who married a Jewish man and converted. Often pretty girls from powerful families that married wealthy Jews. Like Ivanka Trump. A slightly difficult fact for Jews to swallow... as they are raised to believe that true Jewishness is passed down only from the mother to her children, regardless of whether the husband was Jewish or gentile. Awkward.

In summary, we can observe that:

  1. Jews, on average, have lower IQ than Europeans
  2. The Jews with the highest IQ are the ones who are also genetically mostly European
  3. Modern Ashkenazi Jews are largely descendants of European converts who cross-bred with Jews for money and political favor
  4. Ashkenazi are, therefore, a mostly European by-product of artificial selection for traits that might be summarized as "Jewyness"
  5. Consequently, their intelligence is quite similar to [other] Europeans, but their character and culture is quite different


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watch hime pretend your comment never happened.

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