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loads of users are shills, and you'll eventually learn to spot them by things they do and don't do.

  • talk about politics and only politics, never normal things. unless they post fluff to "appear more human".
  • in constant rage mode all the time, don't understand sarcasm or satire. always serious.
  • will REFUSE to entertain other points of view. they're paid to push their script, and their script only. yes they will get into obvious shill arguments with each other.
  • humans have different moods, understand sarcasm, will entertain new ideas, and will try different things.

look for humans.

that's another point about shills actually, they always deflect and accuse and fling poo and ad hominems but never address the issues. they deny, deny, deny. they're commanded and paid to. they'll call YOU a shill, that's a red flag, they're only allowed to push particular key points, and they could be wearing a red hat on camera and saying they have a green hat and calling you names.

another thing about shills is, they don't leave on their own. they have to be kicked and banned, and then they'll try to come back.


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Yep, I’ve often seen people estimate that half of a number of subvoats are comprised of shills. Since voat is a free speech site the shills come here in force in an attempt to stifle free speech.

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well I din't say it was perfect, humans do fall for that bs, i fell for that shit and I feel dumb every time i think about it. just stick around a while, get to know who's behind the usernames, and see who you can really CONVERSE with. shills act like chatbots with severe memory damage, and they get disproportionately angry about things humans don't care about. they'll also blatantly ignore you when you ask them personal questions.