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I think so, because people these days are pretty crazy and see elections as ways to start up mock revolutions.

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ctr was so insignificant i may die still thinking its crash team racing

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It would seem so. Keeps division, obfuscation, misinformation and chaos alive. Last defence of a cornered animal that knows it can't win... go balls crazy. This is really the best card they can play because they suck so much. The more they spread a lie, the more they believe that lie. They are taking the gamble that they can hook the stupid and not be exposed. The trouble is the sheer numbers of stupid and the exposure they control.

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/pol/ got fucking demolished during the 2016 election. I don't know if it was a large influx of paid shills or of dumb sub 30IQ Trump "He cares about gay people" tards, but the average discussion level of the board has dropped down to "u mad" posts

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I don't know but it was the jews.

And redditors.

Oh wait...that's redundant.