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Cancel all gender studies and most if not all art courses.

Enroll as many males as possible. Give as many people a chance but do not hesitate to get rid of retards.

I like how its free in some places like Scotland. still not sure on the details. There are plenty of genius kids in poor families. Not point wasting potential innovation.

Get as many men in as possible. Give them as much help as possible Eg pay for their housing ( easier said than done ). Kick out any trouble makers or retards.

see the male to female iQ bell curve.

There are more male with High IQ than females. There are also more males with low IQ than female. So the best bet is to work through ask many males as possible. Help as many as you can. But also try not to waste time and money on the low IQ males.

I think that giving the guys a stable home life is extremely important.

More men, more help, less gender and art courses.

More connections to the industries they are aiming to get people in to. Get industry professionals to give a few lessons.

If you are on a engendering course the university should be in contact with engineering companies.

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That's all addressing symptoms. Why are the students going there? They have to! https://voat.co/v/news/2507956/12532691

Companies aren't allowed to determine if their own employees are competent, because niggers wouldn't pass, and that would be a "disparate racial impact." So instead that has to be offloaded onto universities, effectively a government mandate that everyone has to buy their services, with obvious consequences to cost and quality. This has been bolstered by several generations programmed to believe that a life without a degree has no value, and people desperately trying to escape the working class as it's being deliberately sunk by globalism and open borders.

The damage has been catastrophic, one of the greatest disasters in American history: https://voat.co/v/videos/2695068/13667779

All of these things need to be reversed. Cut the mandate and the trillions of dollars of pointless spending/damage per year and it will be impossible for the problems to continue

P.S. your hangup on art is misguided. It's one of the places people who don't need to go to(or teach at) college flock to, but remove the pressure for them to be there and they won't be. Arts have always been part of western academia, and professional art is a skill that requires training like anything else.

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Thanks for your insight.

I think its pretty cool that you quote yourself. I

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Urge your kids and others kids to persue trade schools for an actual skill as to college and learn to manage debt.

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It's more than just going to trade school, it's about even considering it as a career path. If you can make ~$60,000 after a couple years of trade school, there's just not that many majors that can beat that financially.

BUT, for the majors that can, we still want lots of qualified students to attend universities.

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Deny them government funding.

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I actually think this would be a great thing to do for some student loans. If your college can't give gender studies majors a good chance at getting a good job, then you shouldn't be able to enroll new students on the government's dime.

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Start in elementary school. Change curriculum. Take away federal monies , end foreign students. If a school can’t survive that, then good riddance.

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Foreign students in a large way actually subsidize the hell out of most universities, since they're not eligible for student loans/grants and often pay full price. It's basically a great way for universities offset the cost of tuition for domestic students.

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burn it down. make something new.

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Place limits on administrative spending to receive federal education dollars. Target federal education spending to fields that are least cucked and most difficult to cuck like the hard sciences and engineering. Unfund the completely converged fields like anything that ends in "studies."

Edit: Another idea, key funding availability on passage rates for independently evaluated exams. For instance engineers take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam and Lawyers typically take several bar exams. These are exams are issued by professional organizations not ABET or other education groups. If a schools passage rate for these is too low, it should negatively effect the availability of federal funding.

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Fire university administrators and start over.

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The same way you delouse a jew

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