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Erm. Yeah reddit is a censorship wasteland. I'd be surprised if there were more actual people on there than bot scripts running the show.

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I still go there occasionally just for 4chan reposts and high qualityTRP posts (which voat simply won't have any time soon).

What amazing is that on subs about fucking 4chan, you'll get banned for saying shit like "nigger". Also, they'll go along with SJW narratives even in that place.

There was a post where OP appreciated his mother, and it turns out she was 14 when she had him. I posted the grandmother was a cunt, and they started attacking me "you don't know what they went through" and a that bullshit. If a 13 year old gets knocked up and has a kid, whose fault is it? Hint: not the 13 year old.

The cancer is spreading and shit that used to be considered toeing the line is an instant ban + mute.

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Don't even bother

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imgoingtohellforthis went private yesterday. It's literally made for offensive jokes, but apparently not on 9/11

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If you have to go there then you should use protection: r/all - snew https://snew.github.io/r/all

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Unngh there used to be a time on reddit that you could say the word Nigger without a mod banning you. I'm not even racist, but I do like being able to say that word without being instabanned. Besides when you see a bunch of savage apes beating someone in /r/publicfreakout, it's hard not to use the word nigger.

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I just found out of Voat this morning. I deactivated my Reddit account because they just banned dozens of non hate groups for hate

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Welcome. Don't let all the niggerfaggot talk scare you off. I came over when Reddit banned the gun subs, and I'm a better man now. Also Israel is destroying the world, if you need a helpful hint to get started around here.

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That's what makes voat so great. I don't need to say the word nigger, or even want to that much. But knowing that I can say NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER without getting insta banned is nice. It's like the old internet circa 2008.

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Damm son!

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lets not and say we did!

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I'm going to take it a step further by not going and saying I didn't.

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Why the fuck should I go to reddit?

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Even the President doesn't question it. Very strange, this goes all the way to the top.

[–] crazy_eyes 7 points 2 points (+9|-7) ago 

Fuck you. The president has questioned it since the day it happened.

You are a fucking liar

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He said he was going to reopen an investigation into 9/11 but hasn't done so.

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The only interview I remember is the one from that day. Everybody was glued to their TVs. Some jerkoff from a major news network pushed a microphone into the faces of several dust-covered survivors as they were exiting the horror. They gave real responses.

The thing that I can never forget is how they described the response of the NYFD.

"...all I saw was a river of blue eyes running up the stairs..."

I love Jewish people. I love negroes. They are sooooooo American.

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Looking at memorials yesterday made me wonder how much of a demographic shift occurred that day.

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Reddit's entire business model is propaganda. They literally exist to push propaganda and shape perceptions of our ignorant young.

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Do you know much about reddits history and the young guy who started it and killed him self? Ya go down that rabbit hole!

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Yes. I don't remember the guy's name, but yes. I also remember when they changed the algorithms to censor The Donald and keep them off the front page. Which they then applied to the Great Awakening (which they just deleted minutes ago).

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"killed himself"

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I’m still on FB (I know, I know...). Everyone is parroting the script there too. What’s really sad is some parents are talking about “introducing” their young kids to the lies too. Brainwashing the next generation too.

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My daughters 2, i sit her on my lap watching 9/11 theories. I get her building blocks and make 2 towers, hand her my lighter and go "wheres the Jews? Wheres the Jews?" And she makes a plane sound effect and crashes the towers haha good shit fam (lauging emoji)

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Where Is The Jews ?

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Only FB for Contact

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I was so tempted to post some redpills, but the truth is out there and my friends are all just willfully blind.

Ya, contact is the only reason I’m on. I’ve given up on posting any useful content since evidently I don’t keep a good FB hive mind and what I say isn’t appreciated.

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No fuck reddit

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Agreed. I'm done there.

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