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Reddit landed a big advertising contract from a company that sells blue hair dye to lesbians. To ensure their target demographic remains happy, Reddit has to nuke a sub once in awhile, which sends the unhappy but not blue hair dyed Resditors here. So Voat is secretly hosted on Reddit servers, and ultimately funded by the continued purchases of blue haired lesbians.

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Secret CIA money, but don't tell anyone.

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ooo, i like.

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There were a few swag funds, ad purchases, and donations (both cash until the payment companies cancelled Voat, and bitcoin).

Last @puttitout mentioned was we still have enough for a little while before we enter the red.

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Wasn't that quite a while ago?

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it was, but the site was reprogrammed away from microsoft web services which were pricey to run on a LAMP stack (I'm sure there are more accurate details, but close enough). This means the cost of hosting is probably less than a tenth what it cost before.

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We sell our plasma and sperm.

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People buy that? I've been giving it away for free!

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The difference between a slut and a whore.

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:tinfoilhat: the site mines crypto while you browse

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Bake sales.

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Are we using the jew powered/fueled ovens?

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A whole bunch of homeless people that sell their blood regularly for Voat and the money is then wired to a secret location by an unknown secret agent.

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Did Akto ditch Voat?

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Yep. Gone forever. It's all being ran secretly by Amalek and HPoP.

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Do you remember the goat who used to make bad drawings?

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