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  1. Not started a new war like the last few presidents

  2. Used business tactics/speak to play hardball with kim jong-un resulting in the most progress made towards peace in the area since the Korean war

  3. Purposefully over stated some of his intentions during campaign, knowing that getting people to meet half way is where he actually would like to be anyway.

  4. Pointing out the ridiculous journalism coming out of once highly respected institutions ( i.e bbc, WaPo etc)

  5. Being level headed when it comes to taking about some of the rioting and "anti-fa" actions that have taken place particularly in Charlottesville and Portland

  6. Not being Hillary

I consider myself a true/traditional liberal (freedom of speech and right to offend a high priority, individual liberty, government should only exist to serve the people not financial interests etc) therefore i probably wouldn't have a natural candidate in current American politics, but find myself constantly eye rolling about the trump hating and facebook news regurgitation many of my friends state aloud.

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I agree with the rest, but what war did Obama start?

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Libya and Syria!

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There are no real liberals on VOAT

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Why are there no liberals on Voat?

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Because they have Reddit.

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Shouldn't your question read "shills of voat"?

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Libertarian here and personally, anything he does that makes Mad Maxine make that Disney Villain Cruella DeVille Scowl makes me happy.

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Make America great again.