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I ordered and read Bang a few weeks ago. sent it back though for refundbecause it wasnt too much help. maybe day bang was more what I was looking for

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I just order a used hardcopy through Amazon, so either it's fake news or they've changed their mind. I wish I could see an organized listing of his books, with subject and when written.

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I'm calling BS unless you ordered it before Monday.

The book (Game) is not on Amazon anymore. Show me a product link and I will post an apology.

EDIT: Oh, you found it through a reseller. Good for you. My bad.

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people saw them do it. they might have pulled back

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Product link is still dead: https://www.ama zon.com/Game-Meet-Attract-Attractive-Women/dp/1725968584

Edit: His post says (used), he must have found a reseller. My bad. Lucky him though, less than 2,000 copies are in the wild.