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Buy Cathartt. Go to a real American store- a farm store and buy clothes.

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Made in Mexico, Bro.

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Here is a list with affordable options: http://stillmadeinusa.com/jeans.htm

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There was a similar post on voat not too long ago. 5.11 tactical and Dickies are good choices.

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Duluth Trading Company; order online.
Quality stuff.

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They were one of the first ones I checked on last week. It seems only one of their jean styles are made in the USA. They have an "American Made" section on their website that helped narrow it down.

Edit: https://www.duluthtrading.com/men/collections/made-in-the-usa/

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Just to make sure you see this:


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I buy Wrangler or Lee. They're not made in the USA, but Levi's aren't either. And they're cheap but decent quality. I've literally had some pairs for over a decade.

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$150-$200 on jeans isn’t realistic for most people because if anything you should be spending that much on bulk training ammunition. Learn to sew or buy factory seconds or shop at a thrift shop. There is no shame in trying to stay not broke

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Dockers are owned by Levi. Fuck them too.

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