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Alaska has one of the highest suicide rates. That would probably tie in with an earlier post about the dark and light up there fucking up your body clock.

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Oh, and low population density. If the dark/light problem doesn't get you then the loneliness will.

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The summer air isn't air, it's mosquitos

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Lived in Anchorage for couple of years, most things are quite a bit more expensive than in the lower 48. Anchorage has good neighborhoods as well as bad. The winters are dark, about 2-3 hours of sun at least where I lived, if you go further north probably less. Winter weather was pretty much like where I'm from in the Midwest..a few days or so below zero not all that bad(although again further north is another story) When spring comes it's amazing how fast all the snow melts. And summer will leave you awestruck at the beauty everywhere, and you will find yourself still awake at 2am because it's still daylight out. It is a beautiful place. If you have the opportunity and means to move there do it, you won't regret it!

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I moved to Anchoage in 1986. Best thing that I ever did. Nicest people, The only negative things are as I got older it has become harder for me to last through the winter, So I fly south for much of the very cold period. The cost of being there is high, there are very few discount stores, Prices at Fred Myers and Safeway are comparable to what I pay in Seattle and San Francisco. A 32oz. bag of shreaded cheese is 7.99 in all three cities and like wise everthing else except produce which is very high and not as good a quality. Basicly you need $4,000 amonth to get by. Work is very cyclic and depends on government spending. Other areas of the state produce fish, oil, and mining jobs, but Anchorage is just a hub with a military base. Best of luck if you deside to come there. If we are going to remain a southern state we need more conservatives to move in.

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It's cold.

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It's really cold.

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Good. I lived for a while in Florida and I prefer colder climates.

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Yes, it's fucking cold... On the plus side, there aren't so many niggers and tacos... I consider it a trade-off.

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William Riker is from Alaska.