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Two words: Judy Wood.

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At this point if someone hypothetically told you the whole truth would you even recognize it?

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How would anyone recognize the truth if it doesn't fit what they believe? So, I say no. We won't.

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do you think the official story adds up?

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I don't think it matters. It adds up, as far as the powers that be have explained it. But, we know there's always a much larger back story, like Robert Mueller's CIA ignoring warnings of Arab men learning how to fly, but not how to land. That's a giant red flag that Mueller either chose to ignore or had the file moved to the bottom of the pile until shit happened. Whether the CIA also took down the two towers along with Building 7 to protect assets stored there, we may never know. The evidence is strong that Building 7 was a controlled demolition.

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We may have already been told the truth and not recognized/vetted the story. How could we authenticate the story?

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i see what your saying, i just think their are to many cohencidences that dont add up. Literally the whole 9-11 attack gave the deep state everything they could have wanted, an end to the pentagon audit, excuse to spy on the public, opened up the middle east to endless wars in the name of war on terror, it literally couldnt have worked out better for them

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We never got the truth about the Titanic, and now that the truth about JFK came out, nobody seems to give a shit about the serious implications of it all.