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top voat comment supports a law and order interpretation.

crazy I know we aren't all rabid racists.

Just race realists.

which doesn't excuse reprehensible behaviour on the part of individuals.

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I can't say what happened. Only that she fucked up big time and will be going to jail. Which i as it should be same had she killed a white guy. Cops don't get to kill people for no fucking reason.

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But this was a nigger, not a person

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If she walked into the wrong home and shot the home owners dog, should she be charged?

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Women shouldn't be cops, they're far more likely to use lethal force, and the job attracts a lot of dykes

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agreed! get back in the kitchen.

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She was a hero. One less nigger.

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I don’t care if it’s a female I don’t care if the victim was a nigger. What I do care about is law enforcement who are above the law. Truth is we will never know what happened in that apartment. Either way, the office should have been able to talk before shooting. And in that time realize that she is not in her own fucking apartment. Officers and prison guards have too much of an ego and power trip to react normally in situations. Fuck the police fuck the niggers. She’s gonna go to jail, and then get killed in there.

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Either way, the office should have been able to talk before shooting.

According to the reports, she did shout commands to him. I'd imagine it was something like "GET ON THE GROUND NOW! I WILL SHOOT YOU! GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND!" She may have indicated that she was the police at some point.

But imagine you're that guy- it's the middle of the night, you hear someone fumbling around with your door, and suddenly they're screaming at you. If this happened at my home, there would have been a shootout, and it's likely that both of us would've ended up wearing a few bullets.

Why do you jump to this being about "ego" or a "power trip"? It seems more like flat out incompetence than either of those things.

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There have been studies done on the inability of certain people to process orders to do something. They know their life depends on it but their brain can not make the connection.

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After hearing all the known facts from this guy. I now think that she made a really dumb fucking mistake and is going to pay for it.


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I once worked a 16 hour shift 8 hours after working a 24 hour shift. I don't even remember the last few hours of that shift or how I got home.

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But you got home, and you didn't shoot anyone (I presume).

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Yes but my point was that yes exhaustion can push you far past where you should be doing anything and that you have to look at more then just that day.

Women shouldn't be cops for half a dozen reasons.

That nigger never picked any corn so no one will miss him.

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If you want equal rights, you have to be able to take equal lefts. Bitch should be in prison.

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