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For those of you just joining us, here are some reasons why this actually matters.

Oh, and read this post.

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SHIT! you are my hero, not only did you find the charts I was looking for but provided me with even more material!
Whe I get my I get my farm going I will name one of my future goats after you!

edit: only critic is the Titanic one, the fact that the ship that actually sank was the Olympic and it was also done for insurance fraud.

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also missing the government seats one.
Amazing collection and many many thanks none the less!

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Quality comment. Saved

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You may also find this useful A Full List of Jewish Expulsions
I had a much better list that someone had put the time and effort in to streamline in a table set with Year - Location - Reason - Citations, but it seems to have disappeared from my computer, and I am not above blaming it an a sneaky cyber jew :) But if any goats out there still have it i would greatly appreciate it so I can make a copy or 10. But failing that, HERE is a PDF list with more in depth info like citations but its less streamlined than the image I'm after has.

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Thats the one! Thanks man, I find that one image usefull as a quick red pill for those uninitiated on the JQ, So thankyou. May the eternal blessings of KEK be upon thee, Afrog. You are truly a tadpole of Pepe and the finder of lost Memes, Afrog. ;-D